Planning a four week vacation in Amman, Jordan next July, where my children age 14, 12 and 7 can learn Arabic, see many historical...

...sites, enjoy the beach etc etc. Would like to stay in a rented apartment 3 bedrooms in a good suburb where there is plenty of good restaurants and shops. Seeking a Arabic tutor, preferably a University student (with English) who can also be a our tour guide. Should be ready to be with us for the entire month.


Country: Jordan


Ok I can do it
Am Emad From Amman
20 years old
I study Management Information systems (University Student)
I will be available After 13/8/2009 for one month and 10 days
you decide And you can contact me on

with your information

Take care

well i would gladly help too ,, am 19 years old , studying mechanical engineering at the university of Jordan ,, + i have a good experiment in teaching Arabic for foreigners ,, so anyway if you would like to contact me my email is

best regards
Hi , welcome to Jordan ,I am Mohammad lahham , tourism orgenizer , u can open my website and know more about me , I am interest in teaching Arabic for Non Arabs, I wrote two books for that (reading and writing) + (conversation for children and elders, my books r taught in the privet schools
I was a teacher before I became a tourism maneger.u can connect me on my email () and my website ( am ready to do every thing for u. welcome toJordan
Welcome to Jordan,
I can arrange for you furnished flat with good price in one of the best locations in Amman.
I can be also your guide for the whole month, I have my own car and I will be available on request. In regards of teaching Arabic , I don't think one month is enough. However, you might get a help from somebody but you can never be sure that they will get the maximum benefit. If you want to do it you must do it in professional way , for that reason I strongly recommend you to have your kids in one of Jordanian University courses for non Arab .However, I will do my best to help your kids in order to improve their Arabic Skills outside the class.
If you find this satisfactory, you may contact me at
or reach me at +962 799 340 682.

Have a safe trip and wish you all the best
P.s / I am graduated as Electronics Engineer.
firstly i would like to welcome you here on Jordan and i hope that you will enjoy it.

i would assist you i am graduated as BA on tourism guidance and i wish that you can contact me on my Email :
hi there.....well Im Ahmed 23 yrs old ....Im a freshgraduated student and my major is English and Hebrew languages.
I can speak English well but not perfect as native speakers so I see that we would be useful to each other I can teach ur kids Arabic and I can learn English better too by practising the language with native speakers...
I know Jordan well so I will be helpful for you
so if you are intrested plz contact me on my Email:
looking forward to hear from you
yours Ahmed
We can help with the tours program, and activities such as diving for kids, that would be fun ;), anyway feel free to visit our Traveler guide there you'll find couple of tour agencies.


We can offer you the most affordable apartment in the nicest areas of Amman to cater for the whole family and we also provide arabic lessons with one of our private tutors to fit within your timetable/schedules. We also provide you with a driver to take you on tours at your own leisure. Feel free to contact us at anytime. Best Regards

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