I am an american. I want to reach Jericho from Jordan.How should I travel?

will I be permitted to reach Jericho from jordan by crossing the Allenby bridge?


Country: Jordan


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Yes Allenby bridge is the right way
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Hi , welcome to Jordan ,I am MOHAMMAD LAHHAM, tourism orginizer in AMMAN , connect me when u arrive to Jordan on my mobile 0795809663, I can pick u to the borders, there u will find nice help from the Jordanian police who can arrange every thing for u , to reach Jerico from Alinby bridge it takes not more than one hour. u can coccect me on my email ()
welcome to jordan
yes you can, but you should take in your consideration that , i f you wil have the israilian stamp in your passport you will not be abile to go to Syria or leabanon,

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I'm an American living in Amman.

Yes, the Allenby bridge isn't a problem. If you want to travel to Syria, Lebanon, etc, you can request that they not stamp your passport. Be prepared that they'll give you some trouble about it. Also, when you leave to go back to Jordan by the Allenby bridge, you'll have to pay around 140 NIS (about $40) just for the exit fee.

If all you want to see is Jericho, you may want to hire a taxi from the bridge to take you there. Or, you can take a shared minivan and head to Jerusalem and from there go to Jericho (which is backtracking, but Jerusalem shouldn't be missed).
Allenby bridge, if you have a visa multi intrance befor you com to Jordan will be much easer to crose both ways.

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