when is the best moment for traveling to phuket? can be in agust? can we have sunbath in agust?


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You may travel at any time to Phuket. August is not too bad. We have quite a lot of rain, so sunbathing is not too good. Also the sea is very dangerous to swim in.
I suggest you rather come beginning of October, then it is good sunshine for sunbathing, you can swim in the sea and overall, a better time. We look forward to hosting you in Phuket.
Sure, if only sunbath wud be OK. You'll take a chance to experience both rain & sun. But not good for swimming since the sea rushes during this monsoon (May-Oct). High season will be Nov - Apr for the clear blue sea, sand & sun. :)

Some day trip tours still operate during this season and it's safe to go (if not they will not cheat u). I recommend Koh Kai. U'll love this island beach for sunbath!

I hope u'll not be unlucky to face the rain all 3-4days. And of course, hotels are very cheap this season. A chance to stay in nice resort with a price you can afford, spa package, shop, eat & etc. You can bargain a lot more this season! Have fun :)

Even when its rainy you still get a lot of sunny days anyway, and the monsoon downpours are usually short and sharp (and warm)and can be a lot of fun. Cools things down too!
There is no specific time to - or not - travel to Phuket / Thailand. Watch out the Season's: Nov - Mar is high/peak season. Even cloudy / rainy you'll have your share of sun,
enough for a sunburn ..... Ktherefor August is as OK as other monthes.
Refer to your question. Phuket is in the south of thailand and at the moment (august) it's in rainny season. maybe someday you can enjoy sunshin but most of weather normally full of the rain. the time that it's very nice weather at phuket should be on November untill may or June for every year
Have a nice day
August is in the green season meaning that it rains more than high season. Its a bit of luck if you have rain or not....High season starts in November.
I live in Phi Phi Island and we have less rain and clouds than Phuket and still safe beaches to go swimming from.
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The best time for traveling to Phuket (or Thailand as a whole) is undoubtedly during the "cool" season which runs from about November to February (hence the so called "high season"). Having said this, Thailand and Phuket can be visited all year around. You will find plenty of sun even during the rainy season (now).

A typical day during the rainy season might start sunny until midday or late afternoon when clouds start moving in. After a while a sudden tropical down-poor will start. It will rain very heavily for maybe 30 minutes to one hour. Two hours later everything will be back to normal.

In fact the rainy season is my favorite season. Because of the clouds temperatures are more moderate and after the rains the air is fresh. The landscape is lush and green everywhere.

You can also "sunbath" on a cloudy day. UV radiation is strong enough to penetrate the clouds and tan your skin.

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Enjoy your trip.
Although the best months to come to Phuket are during our high season between November to early May, August is a relatively quieter time which is great for those who want to avoid crowds. Also many bargains to be found and accommodation is much cheaper then.

Weather wise you can expect hot humid sunny days in between the rain showers. Some days it gets so hot that the rain is appreciated since it cools things down for a while.

It can rain continuously for a day or so although this happens very seldom. Nevertheless it will warm up after wards.
The best time to travel is during November till April as "dry season" no monsoon and hard thunderstorm. Anyway,
there also have many sunny day during rainy season, especially July and August, many tourists visit in August , so this month becomes the peak of low season!
U should check weather forecast first and decide the day you will come here, there are any day that you can enjoy sun bathing!
enjoy your trip!^^
Beste time and wheather condition is from November to May but if you don't mind or enjoy warm but refreshing rain, you can enjoy Phuket the whole year

During this time of the year, if you have the choice to go to the east coast (Ko Samui, Ko Tao etc) instead of the west coast I suggest to do that as the east coast with its islands is at the lee side of the monsoon winds, so you may get the one or odd shower as well, but the sea is not as rough as at the west coast.
The best time of the year would be from December to April but neverless, you can also come here all round year,...just check the weather in phuket a bit..some time rain is just come and go quickly as is an island.

All the best,

the best moment for traveling to phuket is between "November-Apirl" clear sky,good wind and beautiful sea. but August is rainy season, most day will rain but still ok if only for sunbath.

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