3 18 yr old females need to know about safety issue

We are going to be traveling around Italy and Spain. We will be staying in hotels, not hostels. We will have money.. But question is.. Is it or is it not safe? I've heard its fine and other have said its not...What advice do you have? Travel safety, hotel safety, anything you can think of..


Country: Italy


Hi Girls,
Great you're traveling to Europe, Italy and Spain are beautiful countries to visit with lots of art, history, and culture, beside yummy food and amazing landscapes.
Generally speaking both countries are safe and easy to travel, you'll just need to take the necessary steps to avoid any safety issue, as you would do traveling across your own country.
I would recommend to visit the US Government official website and to follow the advises as reported.

Enjoy your trip.
Ciao from Rome
Nancy Aiello


Follow Nancy's advice. Both countries your are safe in the sense that you all need to be aware of surroundings always. Don't travel off alone and with the money, I suggest to buy a flat travel pouch that goes around your waste or neck and inside your clothes instead of carrying a purse around. If you're staying in hotels, you will have your own private room. But still don't leave valuable out in the open, if there is a safe in the room, use it. and be sure to ask at the reception when you check in if there are any parts of the city in which you are in that you should not go to or walk through, especially at night!
Hope this helped a little bit.
Safe travels!

Erica Newcomer
Italy is a safe country and people are very nice and warm. Just watch yourself when traveling in tourist areas in big cities as, anywhere in the world, you may be a target for pickpockets.
You also do not have to carry your passport with you all the time, better to carry only photocopy, or ID.
Enjoy Italy & Spain!

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Of course it is safe !
Its great that youre in 3. As in any large city, Rome has its fair share of crime...a lot of pickpocketing and bag snatching around tourist areas ans on the underground and buses. Exercise more caution in these areas, always keeping money hidden rather than in an obvious belt bag around your waist. Also be careful at night, around the pub/nightclub scene as this is a vulnerable area for girls, always stay together and DONT accept drinks! A friend of mine had hers spiked, by a seemingly lovely Italian man. And obviously dont hitchike or accept a ride home from hear of terrible things happening every weekend. Other than that, have a great trip!!
Italy is a safe country mostly if you visit little towns and villages ( especially in Tuscany, Umbria, Abruzzo, Marche).....
The big cities, like Rome or Milan are safer than others european big cities.....
Tourists are vulnerable to pick-pocketing and muggings in the bigger cities, particularly on public transport, in crowded areas and around tourist sites, and should exercise caution when carrying large amounts of cash and valuables. If you go to Rome, be particularly careful on bus 64 to St Peter's Square and around the main train station, Termini.

In italy, if you visit the official tourist itineraries, you can move everywhere without dangers and paranoias
I've been in Spain twice and I felt always very safe. Italy is safe as well. No problems with the hotels and I presume you will go thru the main cities (like Venice, Florence, Rome, etc) where crime ratio is very, very low. For a normal tourist day I would only beware of pickpocketers: in the crowded squares, busses, metro, museums, especially when you take out your camera from your bag to take a picture of a beautiful building ... Better leave you passaport in the hotel a bring a copy with you. For the rest... relax and enjoy these wonderful countries, you will see that you will feel safe walking through our crowded and friendly cities!
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Both countries are quite safe. Just be careful as you'd do back home carrying lots of money on you and avoid less safe neibourghoods, which you can ask the hotels about. : )

Have a great holiday!!

i am a 19 year old girl myself im livin in italy i came here from south africa byself . i myself have never had anything happen to me and iv been in all the main cities day and partying at night. iv stayed in hostels and they are just as stay as hotels.. but just keep your wits about you with you money and cellphones and cameras and dont accept drinks.. as charming as italian and spanish men are.. always stick together and im sure you will have an amazing time.. what time of year are the girls coming??

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