Hi, I am a South African citizen by birth, however lived in Namibia for many years. I obtained my driver's licence in Namibia. Does...

...anyone know if I can convert my Namibian Driver's Licence to a South African one without having to do the K53 test etc.


Country: South Africa


As far as I know your Namibian license is fully valid in SA. If you want to convert it seems like a bit of a hassle, heres a link with some useful info.
My mother is also a Namibian citizen and she converted her licence, just did eye test, and filled in paper work, and id photos
I believe it will be a straightforward conversion to a South African licence... however, there is no immediate need to do so as the SADEC agreement offers full eligibility of licences across those borders.
just to confirm what others have said
your namibian licence is valid under SADC rules and you just need to apply and switch over
hi there one of my best friends did the same -and the process was nt too involved -was actualyl a straightforward process
good luck wt the processing times tho
Your Namibian licence is valid

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