Can I find any Indian temple in Bahrain?


Country: Bahrain


yes you can find an indian temple here... there is one in the middle of the heart of the Manama
Yes, there is. And Don't worry, just ask around Manama there are lots of fellow indian who can be of help too....
Hi Helen

Yes there are a couple of temples. I would recommend the ISCKON temple which is near Kuwait Avenue in Adliya. Then there is the Krishna Temple in the heart of Manama and the BRAMCO temple but thats way out. There is also a South indian temple situated in Hidd
There are a number of Indian temples in Bahrain. A number of them are just in and around Manama, the capital. You won't have difficulty in finding them. There is freedom to practice different religions in Bahrain.
There is only one indian temple which is in manama. And its not very far from the souk (Traditional Market). Just ask

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