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Greetings from Poland!! I'll be in Ohrid first time.I going to dogshows with my dog 26-29.08.09 I need a silent place for4 nights.I thinking about camping, bungalov in Ohrid or around Ohrid. I have small budget. I dont need hight standard.


City: Ohrid

Municipality: Ohrid

Country: Macedonia



Ohrid is elit touristic place, and I'm not sure that we have find adequate place in bungalow.
I can offer you modest room with bathrom (20 us& per room) and 5 us$ for dog pernigth.This is in village Raca, on 5 km of Ohrid, the village os 100 met of Lake
Because of sesons, you should make a reservtion urgently.
Regards, Natasa
well my friend if you plan camping, the camping will cost you 2Eu or 3 $ , if you plan to sleep in private house , you can find it for 5-10 Eu , or 15 $ , Ohrid is a nice city you will love it
can you doing for me reservation in in this camping? I need place for 2 person and dog , big dog... I need house or bungalov
u can try camp elsani u have good conditions there and night is only less then 5euros and not much noise!!!!
Hov doing reservation? I need 4 nights.
greetings to poland also. I've been visiting your country few times in the last 5 years and practically enjoyed. you can find a cheap camping close to the albanian macedonian border in place called Sv. Naum and its a beautiful camping resort with mountain surrounding, nice monastery made by St. Naum, one of the deciples of Cyril and Metodij, authors of Slavic language and one of the first Christian missionaries from Macedonia to Moravia, recognized by Roman Pope also. I suggest you this place for staying, about 35km from Ohrid with a regular bus lines or cheap taxi comparing to Poland. Vitamy v Macedonia kochana :-)
You can find very cheap private accomodation also up to 10 euro. Cheap Camping is Ferijal Mladost, byy the lake.
oh, how did u spent the holiday in ohrid

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