best ramen in ebisu?


Prefecture: Tokyo

Country: Japan


Ippudo Ramen is a very famous chain. Although it started in Hakata (Fukuoka), their first shop in the Tokyo area was in Ebisu, about a 5-minute walk from the station.
1-3-12 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 03-5420-2225
Ippudo opened a store in New York in 2008.

If you have time, you should also go to the ramen museum near Shin-Yokohama.
Depends what kind you want. My favorite tonkatsu ramen shop is "kyu-ju-kyu tonkatsu ramen".
Here's the link (in Japanese):
Another interesting one is Ramen Mihoru. Here is the address:
150-0013 Shibuya-ku, Ebisu 1-4-1, Ebisu Apan House 1st floor

I hope that helps.
If you want better ramen in Tokyo, Ikebukuro and Takadanobaba are much better and usually a little less expensive.
Mmm... There are many types of Ramen places. When I go to Tokyo (Ebisu area), I go to Aizu Kitakata Ramen (Ebisu Urban House 1F, 1-4-1 Ebisu: 03-3442-1192) or Jabu-ya Tsuke Men style (Daiichi Kyoei Build.1F, 1-7-3 Ebisu: 03-5420-0647). They are not originally from Tokyo but they are pretty good. If you want the down town style Ramen, Asakusa and other areas will be better. Also it depends on what flavor. If you need more info on Ramen places, let me know. I will be happy to tell you the ones I know.
I also say IPPUDO
kagetsu is also good.

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