Hotel/place for backpackers in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur?


Country: Singapore


check out these websites.

[List of Hostels available in Singapore]

[Individual Singapore Hostel Websites]

hope this helps.
I would suggest

Betel Box

[This has good rates at S$20 per person per night in a 20 bed mixed dorm which would be more than sufficient.]

or you can check out...

Sleepy Sam's B&B

[It is strategically located near to Bugis in Arab street close to the Sultan Mosque. Rates are a little higher for this one at S$28.]

Footprints Backpackers Hostel

Prince of Wales Backpackers Hostel

Good luck finding what suits!!
Cheer-ios >>
Try Hotel 81 or YMCA
Best places I know are


Backpackers Travellers Inn
60 Jalan Sultan, Kuala Lumpur

I've stayed in both places.. reasonable rates and decent rooms/facilities..
I would add to Rain's list and include
I personally prefer the inn crowd.
In Kuala Lumpur, the hotels are relatively cheap even for a 4 star hotel with breakfast and that will only set you back by another USD$50. I have seen one in Chinatown

Dragon Inn
In Bukit Bintang,
You can also find other hostels like
Anjung KL
Bedz KL which is relatively new.
If you are staying in Chinatown, try to get higher floors as it is near a street market and the smells do travel up.
by AirAsia.
Please aviod Malaya Hotel & Swiss Inn, both 3 star hotels that I will avoid.
In Singapore, there's a cheap (very affordable) place for backpackers along North Bridge Road. Opposite Bugis Junction near a popular chicken rice stall.

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