Hi I am looking for (1) a single room in a budget hostal in Chiclayo for the week of August 3; (2) Meeting Peruvians with knowledge of...

...their ancient past to discuss the possibility of maritime contacts in ancient times between Mesoamerica and India. Thanks


Country: Peru


Try hotel Inca
Hey: About your question of the maritime contac between Mesoamerica and India, i have to say that there are no accurate evidence of that. Outside Kontiki and the legend of Nylamp (about the creation of the Lambayeque culture) there's no proved evidence of that. So far, theories are several, but no one is 100% sure. Anyways, in case you wanna talk about it, you can email me, at
You have to search Naylamp story, but here is only a legend, there are no evidences about that.
Here are a few leads fo CHivlayo hostal: Inti Hotel Chiclayo, Grand Hotel Chiclayo, Las Garzas Hotel Chiclayo,
and Gloria Plaza Hotel Chiclayo.
Regarding the other part of your question, there is evidence of indirect contact between Mesoamerica and Peru (the fact that corn came to Peru already domesticated; the fact that there was peruvian turquoise in maya tombs etc....) but no evidence of direct contact. On the other hand, there are valid theories that prove the possibility of prehistoric travels from Micronesia and even Japon to coastal South America, but no direct contact with India that I know of. BTW, if it is Mesoamerica that you are interested in, you should talk to Mexican and Guatemalan scholars, not Peruvian.
Dear Friends:
It will be difficult to find someone from northern peruvian cultures that could discuss their ancient past, the Inca Imperial policy included the complete removal of local traditions of the people conquered by them, they all were forced to forget their traditions, religion and language, and learn the one prescribed by the Inka military rule, so there goes your hope of finding someone that kept certain knowledge, moreover considering that they didn't have any written archives or such, so that is all lost. As some other people answered here, we're in southamerica and not in mesoamerica, and the only contact I've ever heard about has been with china, oceania, but not with India
You can try Tumbas Reales Hotel, is a good and helpfull one.
About your question, i ve never read about the contact you are talking about, there is a legend about Tupac Yupanqui Inca who went sailing to New Zeland, it says that he brought natives and plants too. There is a strong possibility about that legend might be true since a mummy was found and the oil it was covered came from a seed found in New Zeland. If you want to know about ancient cultures check my blog : in english and in spanish it might help too. Good luck. Pao
we can talk about .im arquitect and i studied alot of history
add me in facebook :ingridpachecovera
Hostal Sicán is a nice hostal located maybe 4 blocks from the main plaza.

There are some pottery evidence about maritime commmerce routes along the Pacific Coast, There was found Spondyllus shells on the South of Perú, considering that this shells are origanls from the Equator, Mochica and Chimu Pottery shows iconography of maritime activities,
On the same hand Mochicas tales on the God Nylamp, the creator, comes from the sea.
On the Incas time, there are a legend of Inca Capac Yupanqui, who sailed on the Pacific Ocean from more than a year, and his destiny was unknown, but there are some stones ruins fortress in Eastern Island, which can support a theory that the Incas arrived there.

There are some other tales and myths which involved maritime affairs mixed with gods references, in any case there are some bybliography on this matter. If you are interested do not hesitate to contact me on my e mail
I recomemd you Aristi hotel. You could get more information about maritime contact at Museum Bruning in Lambayeque, a city 15minutes from Chiclayo. Good trip!

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