Wondering about prices for a couple of activities?

Hi, I was wondering what sort of price ranges skydiving, scuba diving and fishing fall into, and where they take place? It would be for two people. I'm hoping to be in Ecuador through February and March. Thanks!


Country: Ecuador


Hi there! Well skydiving is not a very common practice here in Ecuador and there are actually no tour operators I could recommend to you for that. Scuba diving you have two places, Machalilla which is considered the best diving spot in continental Ecuador and prices for diving are $95 USD a day with 2 dives and the cool thing is that you have whale watching opportunities on the way to Isla de la Plata from July to September! Galapagos is incredible but expensive about $175 USD a day. My tour operator owns the only PADI 5 star IDC center in Ecuador, if you want more information I would more than gladly help you out!


Send an email to and i will be glad to help you with some information
About Scuba diving there are many options from Ayangue tO Manabi, I recommend you Rafael's option. About Skydiving, the best place for it in February is Salinas, where you will have completely unclowded and sunny skies in that time of the year. I recommend you to contact Colonel Edgar Narvaez, an ecuadorian marine who runs his own skydiving company. You will have to ask for prices because I don't know if they changed but three years ago were $215 dollars per person(includes equipment and plane costs). Their mails are and . Their website is
All the activities you are looking for you can find them at the same place Salinas(skydiving), is near Ayangue(scuba diving and fishing) like 2,5 hours distance by car. You can hire locals in Ayangue to take you to the best spot for scuba diving at EL PELADO, you really need to ask for the good spots (EL PELADO) because there are some strong waves near.
Have fun!
Fishing in salt water goes from 150 in Cojimies (Red snaper, snook, sea bauss) to 750 in Salinas(Wahoo, Dorado, Black, Blue and Strper marling) Manta is a good place in betewn the first two.
Fishing for trout in sweat water goes from 120 to 280
CAMPUCOCHA is the best PLACE for trout fishing in Ecuador, and we are the only pro guides, Contac us
Hi there. User "Migue" is right about a few things.
The skydiving is run at Salinas and the crew are very professional and experienced.
For scuba-diving the best spots are of coarse located in the Galapagos Islands. There are a few dive spots around the Ecuador coast, Ayangue being the most popular.
As for deep sea fishing, there are several location around the ecuadorian coast as well as in Galapagos. Let me know how many of you will be traveling, length of stay, and budget and I can send you some quotes for all the activities as well as some recommended itineraries (routs to follow).


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