whats the difference between pa tong and laguna beach? shopping, night life, activities etc.


Country: Thailand


Patong is the largest and most crowded beach, there are many beach activities, shopping centers, night markets, entertainment and night life!, and also the most famous in Phuket, if u prefer funny life, Patong is ur choice!

In opposite, Laguna is in the north of island, calm and sandy beach, more private and romantic place ^^, many luxury hotels are here, ASEAN Summit also held here !!
If u prefer private and nice scenery, choose Laguna...
chalk and cheese, pa tong if you single, if you want romantic try laguna, more naturalistic
Patong is most popular among of all beaches in Phuket.during the day you can go to the beach.or do shopping.and in night time patong is best place to see nightlife.there are many different kind of nightclub and restaurant( Thai@ International food). you will not boring if stay in Patong and when you do anytrip (for example phi phi trip) patong is start point that not far and also it'snt far from other tourist attractions. for Laguna beach there are in area of five-star beach seem like private beach and it doesnt take long time from airport to there. but if you cant decide between patong or laguna, i'v got one choice to recommend you. i want to recommed you to stay at Le Meridien Phuket. it got private beach .located between Patong beach and karon beach. if you stay here. in daytime you can relax at private beach hotel and at night. can go out to Patong( around 10 mins to Patong) anyway it depend of yr decision!! welcome to Phuket ^_^
Patong is good for drinking, sex, ladyboys, high prices, tuk tuk rip offs. This is copy merchandise shopping delight.
Laguna is much more upmarket. This is where the very wealthy live. Upmarket hotels,beaches are clean and have many laid back bars and resturants on the beach. Night life is more in the way of resturants, friends and a few karaoke bars.
So the answer is, what would you prefer to do ?
Have fun while you are here.
Pating is No 1.
Patong is party and girls heaven...
Laguna more quiet but I would recommend Nai Harn if you dont want to be in the middle of the party zone.
Or come visit us here at Phi Phi Island where we have beach partys every night and the best diving and snorkeling in Thailand :-)
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The Laguna area is much more laid back whilst Patong is quite hectic. So a lot depends on your interests. If you are into night life then Patong would be your better option.
I have lived and worked in Patong now for 5 years. It can be busy but you have everything at your fingertips.

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Patong is where the action is and at night the lights, glitter and music, all the vices you can think about. Laguna is more where the soul lives. Nevertheless, at Patong the choice is yours. Pick what suits your lifestyle. Languna is chosen for a particular lifestyle.

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Good luck and have great stay.
Go to Patong if you're looking for nightlife and tons of people. Choose Laguna if you want to relax and rest.


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