Is Bangkok crowded with tourists in December ?. When I check the hotel rates I see most hotel have doubled their rates for December


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I think you will find this is the case everywhere in the world as this is peak season for tourism. Also the climate in Thailand is best around that time of the rain and not unbearably hot and humid
December is high season, which doesn't mean Bangkok is crowded. This year may actually be fairly quiet because of economy, flu and political nonsense in Thailand. Some large luxury hotels are quite empty this summer, although it may somewhat get better in high season. I would advise you to negotiate rates.

If you look for some middle class, well located and clean hotel in a central location, I advise The Swan, 31 Trok Rongphasi, Charoenkrung Soi 36
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This is not top standard, but it is good value for money and people are friendly.
It's a high season here in Thailand. But don't be panic, it's not that crowded. (or maybe we get used to it everyday.) For me, I would say if you go upcountry, the situation is worse, especially on the beach. Bangkok is like a heaven for me during holidays.
It's the high season but places like Khao San Road are often quiet because everyone has gone to the beaches in the south.
They have 3 rates in Thailand:
Low season: 1st of May - 1st November
High season: 1st of November - 1st of May
And then the supprice:
Peak Season..... Most places 15th of December - 15th of Jan
It's high season. you should stay hotel at around Khao San Road. It's not expensive at all.
December is High Season with Xmas/New Year being Peak Season. However there is always some accomodation avaible. One of many good areas in Bangkok is Bang Lam Phu/Khao San Road featuring all sorts of accomodation. Don't book by internet beforehand, however try to avoid Xmas/New Year. In my opinion, the best time of the year to come to Thailand is second half of November! Bangkok is always crowded - by Thai people!
Bangkok is usually crowded with tourists at the end of the year with high season but there has been a slump in tourism so they can ill afford to up their prices. I have seen many hotels offering promo deals in high season last year because of poor tourism and I suspect they will have to do the same this year.
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Well Buddy, last year it was "crowded" for a couple of reasons. What will be coming December is a lotterie:
Accomodations with advanced reservations/bookings will charge
FULL HIGH SEASON rates. With "last minute" bookings you may
find "special offers" at discounted rates. You bet !?
The high season for tourist in Thailand runs from November to January. However Bangkok being an enormous city that is always crowded the increase in tourist will not really be noticeable by a one time visitor. During the high season crowds of tourist are mainly found at beaches and adjoining places.

There are not really any seasonal differences for hotel rates in Bangkok. But it is true, at the beach destinations and other touristy places rates usually double for the high season.

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Bangkok is always totally chock a block so you won't notice more or less tourists. Some hotels cash in on this "peak season"time of year by increasing rates, but plenty don't.
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November - March is peak season in Thailand and prices are sometimes more than double. However in and around Kaosarn Road you can still find cheap hotels/guesthouses.

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Thailand has two seasons, wet ( or monsoon season ) April to October, lower rates etc and November - March is peak season ( Dry season ) in Thailand and prices are sometimes more than double.
Thats seasonal rates I am afraid.
Have fun
Peak season, Bangkok might be crowded as usual but not only with tourists, beach resorts also double their rates Jan-Dec-Feb, cool season 20 deg no rain.... that's what attract european who'd like to get away from the snow
should not be, shop around for best hotel prices, but 24th onwards is peak season anywhere.
December is peak season for traveling in Thailand ,then you will get highest prices of the year,if possible you can change your period plan to be November / Jauaury you it's still good weather both two months but you will get a bit cheaper prices.
Last year not much crowded.This year could be the same.
If you are coming from less crowded place like perth, u may feel normal day in bangkok city as very crowd.
Normally hotels increases the price by 30% and more.

Good day.
We hope this is the peak time. There are so many hotels in Bangkok - be brave and find when you get here, Alternatively it is a quck with all the motor ways to come to us - see our web site.
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Thailand has three "seasons:"
Low Season - around summer time
High Season - around November to January
Peak Seaon - during the Christmas and New Year Holidays

Rates will surely go up by December by the area may not necessarily be crowded. The trade secret: always, always ask for a discount! Believe me, it works!
December is high season in Thailand.I don't think it's too crowded in this still can enjoy a good time in here with a good deal in many hotels.I think it's cheaper than last year bcoz of economic crisis.
The end of december and new year are the busiest times for tourism in thailand. Actually prices for flights will increase and also hotel rates. Better to book early. Have a great trip.

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