Hello , im an african tourist, i need someone who would be willing to offer me an acommodation during my days in jordan. or kindly... me with The jordanians who are looking for roomates and i would pay immediately i arrive in Jordan. my visit is in August. i have some people who are willing to visit Jordan for tourism as well, kindly guide me how they can secure their visas as well. the locations could be Amman, Aqaba, Irbid. my email is ;


Country: Jordan


Dear friend , as I mentioned in my previous massage , welcome to Jordan and every one here can help u , we have here cheap hotels and motels within 20 dollers a day , but I prefare u to come at the beggining of Aug. because Ramadhan Month will start at the 21st of it will be very diffcult for u to move here and there
welcome to Jordan
Mohammad Lahham
Hello , thanks so much for the kind reply. i would prefer an apartment because im intending to stay for some period of time , i have realised i would enjoy my stay in Jordan regarding of what i read about the country on the internet. kindly get back to me and let me about schools in Jordan and the Fees, because i have some people comming to Jordan as well and the would be willing to find a school to register in.?? How much does it cost University of Jordan per year? im expecting to read from you again soon friend . thanks for being a friend , im sure we would get along much better when i arrive in Jordan . thanks.
dear friend:
regarding the visa, you can get it in the airport or the borders,easy will cost around 10 JD each,simple
and you can take a hotel downtown Amman for 20$....and when you reach here people will help for sure...
hope you have a good trip
i can help you in amman
anything in your mind you can make it with my help (hotel in downtown amman, petra , aqaba ,vist some place,go around amman by plane it is low-priced ,test jordanian clothes......
i hope nice visit for you
you can still check with

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