Does camping in Egypt require permission from authorities? I heard it is yes. So how can I obtain this permission? From where exactly... Cairo?


Country: Egypt


i dont think u need a permission or anything , i went camping b4 wz my friends and we didnt do anything
we just went camping :D
Hey Deniz,
I suggest going to Dahab in Sinai.. There are camps there for 45 Egyptian pounds per day. The camp includes a bathroom, and is air conditioned. There is a meal nearby the camp which costs 24 Egyptian Pounds. You will not need any permission! You will go to Torgoman Station in Cairo and take a bus to Dahab, and there in Dahab take a cab to camping sites. Email me at , if you need further informaion.
Welcome to Egypt
hello there, for Egyptians, i do not think you need a permission, but for foreigners, i think you need one, you can ask your travel agent through whom you came in. there are also controlled camping sites where you have to pay a fee, and everything is provided like tens and meals.
All over the western desert of egypt yes you need a permission , and how to get it ? this is from the egyptian tourist police
yea from the ministry of internal affairs (tourism police)
Yes you do and you can have it from the police
you must ask your travel agent bcz we have some places you have to take permission
first of all what kind of camp you think, by your own or with others?? do you have a 4 wheel car or not?? it seems you are alone!!!
you have to join a group. it's cheaper. if you want to go by yourself. it's not easy. if you are already in Cairo. go to any tours company down town ( TAHRIR square) and join a group. they prepare many programs that suite everybody.
If you go for camping in a non touristic area a permission is required. You can get it from the police station - at least this is the procedure for egyptian people. Camping in national just need the entrance ticket.
depends on where ur going to camp.. usually the permission is not for allowing u to camp..its for security reasons.. so its for ur own safety to obtain it..

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