I am seeking for camping sites in Egypt and how to reach them from Cairo and requirements. Please don't just mention names to me. I...

...want to know how could I reach these sites from Cairo. Thanks alot.


Country: Egypt


Hey Deniz,
I suggest going to Dahab in Sinai.. There are camps there for 45 Egyptian pounds per day. The camp includes a bathroom, and is air conditioned. There is a meal nearby the camp which costs 24 Egyptian Pounds. You will not need any permission! You will go to Torgoman Station in Cairo and take a bus to Dahab, and there in Dahab take a cab to camping sites. Email me at , if you need further informaion.
Welcome to Egypt
hi there, please visit the following sites for information

by google you can write marsa alam camp good luck
Camping with tents is possible in Ras Mohammed - Sharm el Sheikh - too. It's also a wonderful place for snorkeling

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