Im an african touris, i will be visiting Jordan for the first time in August, i need someone who would be willing to assist for...

...accomodation for few days , i will stay in the hotel for 2 weeks , after that i need a friend we can get along better and go to many places in the country togeher , Money is not not the problem , kindly assist me for accomodation. Kunle.


Country: Jordan


If you need an acccomodation you should specify the budget and the city. As for the assistant, you might need to contact a tour guide.
Hello, or as we say in Jordan Salamu Alykum.
My company could assist you in accomodation as we have that within our profile, we can also provide you with someone to pick you up from the airport, and drop you off in the hotel, please contact me on , and provide me with all the information needed.

welcome my dear all Jordenian will help u ,and I am ready to help u and go with u every where u need ,u will find hand some people here , but please come before Ramadhan month , because in Ramadhan it is not easy to visit here and there ,it will be hot
welcome my dear
Hi dude......Well Im a jordanian guy 23 yrs old and Im sure that I could help you the way you must be helped coz I know Jordan If you are intrested you can contact me on my Email and we will discus everything in person ......Looking forward to hear from you
best wishes
check with

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