Are there any brief one-day courses in aromatherapy in Colombo? Just to learn the basics...


Country: Sri Lanka


All around Sli Lanka you can find Aromatherapy placers So surly there must be courses as well. But if you go to well known place on your arrival defineetly they will help you to. If you be able to traval down to Kandy ( Central Sri Lanka) I've one of my well known place which only open for forigners with good doctors. And the owner of the place is my collage friend. So defineetly I can help you only in Kandy. If you need assitance call 0094723577726 or . Please keep in mind I'm not a tourist gide.
visit this website you get all details.
if you want any further assistance please me on this mobile 00940773161973 or my email address a nice day.
yes, you can fine out in colombo, but those are not one-day courses.
Hi Violetta, you will hardly come across one day courses in aromatherapy in Sri Lanka. But you can visit the following web site and find out more information about it. Maybe you could write to them and find out if they could help you.
Wish you all the best with it.
Hi Violetta, There is an actual place you should visit around colombo is SPICE ISLAND... hope you learn a lot on aromatherapy when you around Colombo...
Have a nice time at Sri Lanka...
From - Chris
Hi Violetta

Aromatherapy is an art that you cannot enjoy in one day let alone study....however if you are really keen onlearning I suggest at least a couple of days where you can learn the grass root basics and practise them once or twice...
Do let me know if you need any more info
Yes! I have a contact at the pulse and beat gym her name is Mohini Ahangama she has around 20 years of experience in this subject. I will help you out with this .

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