I'm from Hong Kong. How to book Prince Snow Resort Karuizawa ?

Hi, i'm beginner to Ski. How to book the Prince Snow Resort Karuizawa, as i cannot find the online reservation in their website. Any package available for Ski rentai, lift, hotel, breadfast ? I'm plan to visit Karuizawa in 8 - 10 December 2010. Will there be enough snow for Ski ? Appreciate your advise urgently, since i need to book the hotel now. Can you send the information to my mailbox


City: Tokyo

Prefecture: Tokyo

Country: Japan


Check homepage
Early december is a little early for sking . I check weather-report for karuzwa every day . Untill today , nov. 18 . there was no snow-fall at all. Still the hotel might use some snow-machines to arificially powder the piste.Good luck .
Thanks Gerd Nagel. Oh no, no snow-fall yet ! How about if i go up to Nozawa, would it be more chance to have snow and Ski. Any accomondation recommendation in Nozawa ?
Dear 159596 , since you dont post your name . check
You can check the live-camcoder camera for snoe-conditions.
for accomodation , check Nozawa Grand Hotel , they have english version .
just in case : tel + 81-269-853157
will help you.
Thanks Whoopee. Just curious. When i use English web-site, the room charge is 30,000 yen. If i switch to Japanese web-site, it's 15,000 yen. Any idea for this difference ? By the way, any Ski shoe/equipment rental offered by the hotel ?
You are unlikely to get the best rates on the site hotel chain's site, try another site like



I often got cheaper booking rates on the English sites, as they assumed I was traveling from overseas.
The information in English on the Prince Snow Resort Karuizawa is here:

The site contains all information about pricing of the facilities and when to expect snow.

The Snow Resort itself is not a hotel. The hotel nearest the resort is the Prince Hotel Karuizawa. The hotel information in English, including reservation site, is here:

There are other ways of booking the Karuizawa Prince hotels, including East and West hotels, including several discount services, but you will need to check for the hotels by their individual names, or by just checking for hotels in the Karuizawa area.
Thanks Michael. When i use Prince Hotel english web-site for reservation, the room rate is 30,000 yen. However, if i switch to japanese web-site, the room rate is much cheaper (15,000 yen). Should i use japanese web-site for reservation ?
hellow all your questions already answered about karuizawa,enjoy your ski dont forget to wear helmet^_^
Please see below website which can help you to book Prince Hotel in Karuizawa.

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