I would like to know how much it cost to bock you for one week in August to guide me trough macedonia. kind regardes


City: Ohrid

Municipality: Ohrid

Country: Macedonia


Well for full review of all historical sides of macedonia ,im talking about all macedonia , every city they are all 25 big cities and 4 small , biggest are Skopje, Kumanovo and Tetovo.
Most historical are Ohrid well ,if you like for 1 week you can walk araound all macedonia in circle for 1 week but that would cost you more than 1500 $ , im talking about natural and historical heritage of macedonia ,if u like 1 week walk at Skopje and Ohrid for 1 week( and Struga its 10 near ohrid ) ,thats cheaper about 500 $ ,but u wont regret i promise ;)but this is not final price we can talk about it, thanks
feel free to contact me on

and we can discuss what do u want to see exactly, I can also suggest stuff and we'll manage something~
i am not gona coment of the prices i jus red it but i think is too much u can contact me on my email and tell me what u execle wona see so we can talk.
Best regards
I can offer you profesional driver, with experiance, with many touristic place,new wan with air condition, refreshment, bodygarding is 100 euros per day.
Visit our web page:
For booking please write to:

Regards, Natasa
If you wish to have fun, experience adventure and by the way learn something about the Macedonian cultural heritage contact me on my e-mail:
In spite of the fact that August is the most active month of the season, that almost all attractive capacities are busy, and our team has a full engagement, i would be grateful if you could describe the services you need and the exact time of your stay here in Macedonia. Then we could arrange the things and the prices of the trip. We will try to offer you the best we can for an acceptable price. We welcome you already and wish you a great time!
We would be happy to provide a driver and English speaking guide for 100 Euros each. If you would like for us to arrange your itinerary and accomodation, that would be based on your wishes and cost of accomodations, which vary from 10 to 50 Euros a night. Please contact us at for further assistance.
I'd guide u for free, just cover my expenses. Several daytrips is the best option for Macedonia as the longest distance is 250km. contact me on:
Dear Mr./Ms.
I am Hristijan Kovaceski from Struga and I would like to know where you are going to be accommodate during your stay in Macedonia? I can offer you my services for 130 USD per day and in the price it's included air conditioned vehicle, refreshment, snack and guiding to archaeological sites, monasteries and natural beauties of Macedonia.
Please sent me an e-mail to or give me your phone number so I can contact you and preset you the details of my offer.

Best regards
Hristijan Kovaceski
about 850 $ will cost this is my mail
first of all...I want to introduce my self... My name is Nikola,I came from Prilep...(sity in our coundtry) I 'm glad about this what I read from you...Is good to know that someone want profesional help from quide to know something more about our beautifull country. I will be on your servise,and i hope that you will have a lot of fun here.... about the price we can disscus when you will know exactly what you want(kind of traveling-historical pleaces..or somewhere where u want to have fun-just visiting pleaces and lerning about our culture and history or some relaxing atmosfere good company and a lot of fun or both as well :) )...i think that we can find
reasonably price that u can aford.(around 250$ per day). fell free to write me on my personal mail:
A guide for 7 days will be 350 euros; the other services required should be discussed.


Person for contact: D.Sich
Sorry, the correct website is:
One day (8 hrs)= 35Euros + gas + accomodation (exceipt Skopje and Ohrid - for free - staying at my place:))

I won't offer snacks and driks (?!?), we'll just buy something at a gas station, and I'll let you choose:)

My car, airconditioned, experience in academic research and tour guiding, fluent in English, French and Italian.

your request is too general, what would you really want to do, or to see for this time? My mail is:
Bye, bye
My service will cost you $700 for all week.We can discuss about other activities and needs you have during your stay in Macedonia.
You can contact me by e-mail, on Facebook, skype or mobile.
Geric Aleksandra

skype ID cacence
What kind of guide do you need exactly? You say 8 hours a day, and then start time 9 pm. Does that mean you need a night-life guide? ;)
fell free to contact me we can talk about the trip price around macedonia.

Hope hearing from you

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