Whats the best tea brand in Sri Lanka.

. and where to buy?


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If u want to buy really and genuine good tea, I can not recommend a single Brand in the local Market, cos the tea industry is so corrupted all the tea in the market is adulterated and mixed with so many artificial dies,
If you can get hold of a Tea Factory Manager or an estate superintend you can get Good quality tea,
It can be your expirence but dont put all Sri Lanka Tea brands there & question here is What is best Brand??? try to undustand
Unfortunetely guidebooks say same thing - all high-quality Ceylon tea gets exported.What stays within - is lower quality. I'm gonna come and check :)
with what experience and proof do you say so Gamunu?
MLESNA, LIPTON, is the most best brands and its really good & safe product.
I would say that the best brands are Mlesna, Dilmah, Zesta, Lipton and Ceylonta.
They have come long way and there are a number of blends available. However, nothing can really beat unblended factory fresh tea, specially of the grades BOP and BOPF.
Anyone can get them from any supermarket, grocery or general stores
Basically as everybody knows Ceylon Tea is a world famous brand.If you see Ceylon Tea anywhere in the world you can be assured the quality is controled by a brand control body.If you are in Srilanka (Previously Ceylon) you can reach any super market and go grab any flavor you like from the Tea counter which will display an array of qualities.
There are plenty of good quality brands that produce excellent quality teas from very famous plantations which is as old as the Ceylon Tea brand itself. Some of the plantations have been producing their regular brands since early 19th century.
If you need a helping hand you can go for Dilmah teas, Liptons Ceylon Tea, Melsna few of the brands to select from.
I know Dilmah is available in most of the Duty free shops around the world, for sure in the middle eastern and Far eastern regions.
If you are in Colombo you should visit the hill areas visit some of the plantation factories and ask for a good cup of Tea that they would be happy and ever willing to treat you with knowing the Srilankan hospitality.There are few Boutique Hotels using the Tea factory concept where you can live in a plantation factory and see the daily operation how the famous Ceylon Tea is manufactured while you get to taste few of the qualities they export even the blends.
The British Royalty cannot be wrong for drinking Ceylon Tea for the past so many generations of theirs.Tea is a healthy drink enjoy the flavor and continue to drink Ceylon tea.
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Not only in Duty frees. Lipton and Dilmah are present in Russia for years!
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Best brand is Ceylon Tea nothing else~!
Hi, as a tea taster I would say, the best tea brands that are found in the market in Sri Lanka are Dilmah and Mlesna ! But, Labookelle is another brand of tea which is not freely available in the market but could be found at the Labookelle tea plantation and factory on the way to Nuwara Eliya from Kandy. Labookellie tea (mackwoods) is some of the finest factory fresh pure Ceylon tea that I have ever tasted as a tea taster !
Hi Jude. are you a tea taster ? if so where?
Lipton laojee,Mlesna, Dilma, Bogawanthalawa, Wewassa. any shops in Sri Lanka
Try Liberty Plaza
for tea or IT?
While agreeing with most of those mainstream brands that ohers have indicated, I would like to mention that there are two remarkable retreats for tea lovers when you are going through the salubrious climes climbing towards Nuwara Eliya.
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