Which S.E.Aisan country is best for a bike tour?

We want to visit V+E2321ietnam or Thailand and do most of traveling by Bike We are not very interested in Cultural,religious places or beaches. Just want to take a bike and explore the country.Which place is best suited for a bike tour?


Country: Vietnam


You wanna bike in which terrain? Flat or a little steepy? In mountain, forest or along beach?

I'm not sure about Thailand, but I think Vietnam can meet your demand if you wanna a mixture of terrain. Vietnam has long beach on the East and long mountain on the West, so you can both take the route along mountain and the route along the beach and across each other.
I think both countries have a thing or two for you. In Vietnam, we have areas covered by the jungle and mountain or field. You can also take bike going across the country but it's gotta be really lengthy.
vietnam is better, i saw some traveller take a bike from Hanoi to along a beach to the South - HO Chi Minh. we have a long beach 3260kms beaches. so u can take take along.
Hope u have a nice trip in Vietnam
So it seems the best part for you is the thrill of driving a bike? Right? Vietnam has a lot to offer BUT the bikes you can hire here are small. 125cc is usually the maximum engine size, so they are well under-powered. (Government regulations limit the size).However, they are usually sufficient for the state of the roads and the incredibly bad traffic conditions here.
If you intend going into the mountains (and I recommed the Ho Chi Minh Trail from HCMC via Dalat and the mountains to Hoi Anh about 4-5 days- and bring jackets very cold up there) then you need to hire the brand BONUS- They are older, but strong, and are physically big enough to not make a westerner look and feel like a pumpkin sitting on a peanut. Spare parts are available everywhere also in case it breaks down (which is unlikely- they are indestructible).
If really big and muddy mountains are your thing, the north west of Vietnam is great-High mountains, (even snow in winter), lots of mud-then you shoud hire the Russian made MINSK- (Lots of places in Hanoi can arrange) Ugly as can be, 2 stroke, but never say die machine.

In Vietnam, dont expect to travel at much higher speeds than about 70Kms per hour even on the open roads- the state of the roads just does not allow for it.

In Thailand, I understand you can hire bigger machines and the roads are generally better-depends what you want.
have fun.
Bicycle or motorbike? Both are possible in Vietnam. Driving is different than back home and on most highways you will dodge trucks, cars and buses. In the north and central there are nice mountain roads but somewhat rough and narrow.
A good combination is Thailand & Laos or Laos Vietnam.
Of course there's a lot of mountains to go!
Popular in Vietnam is the Dalat Hoi An route, Central Highlands or a tour in the Mekong Delta.

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We are specializing in biking tours in Vietnam and Cambodia.

Vietnam is a great place for mountain biking, lots of passes with beautiful mountain view and friendly tribe people.
Some popular routes that the bikers often hop on:
- Vietnam's Nothwest and Northeastloops.
- Ninh Binh - famous for Inland Halong bay
- Biking along Ho Chi Minh trail from North to South via Central Highland.
- Around Dalat
- Mekong delta

See the best countryside and enjoy the most on the bike.
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How are you doing. We very glad to receive your concerning.we are Mr Actions - guys take you to explore the nature. we in Dalat in Southern VietNam where has many geophysical splendid areas with magnificent diversity of mountains, lakes, forests.views are outstanding through out with plenty of exciting trails, paths,off-roads, fire-roads, pleasure outlooks. there is a very challenging biking and provided riders are in perfect health and are ready to face challenges that come every step.
We - Mr Action hope to see you in Dalat as soon as possible. Of-course we always offer the good service in good price. A big discount for larger group
Hi Elaine,
Thailand has better roads and better developed support infrastructure for foreigners traveling independently. This is the "comfort" choice.

Vietnam on the other hand is the "adventure" choice: the roads are generally poor; traffic can be horrendous in places; support infrastructure in smaller 'out of the way' places may be limited or non-existent; there will be places where nobody can speak English.

Both countries offer some spectacular scenery, warm, friendly and hospitable people, good food and lots of "hidden gems" to discover.

It depends how adventurous you want to be.
You are right that Thailand has a lot to offer for bike riders but with the political unrest, I would not consider being out on the big city without some sort of protection so believe it or not Vietnam is your next bet, it has most the same as Thailand but with the VN twist. I have a friend who is a bike nut and he left VN a few years back and went to Cambodia and he wrote back that it was fabulous for bike riders. Now he rides a motor bike but again, he is a professional or at least semi professional and he is still in Cambodia so there must be something there the rest of us are missing. He is not telling except he travels everywhere in Cambodia on his bike and has had no trouble. In Vietnam it should be nearly the same but as for Cambodia, I can not speak other than to tell you my friend loves it there as I do in Vietnam. It is currently rainy season so you might wish to wait before you begin your tour here in Vietnam. HoChiMinhcity and Hanoi both have bike rentals and tours and the one I know is in HCMC at Pham Ngu Lau streets which is the place all backpackers and other tourist end up sooner or later checking things out as it is the hub of all backpackers since before 1975 and has many attributes but as well some negatives but just be careful and all should be well there as any place in Vietnam. Remember if you intend to ride a motorbike bring a valid license with you and have it change into a VN license before riding on the streets as the cops will take your bike for 30 days and fine you. The cost of the exchange license is small and with the effort. good luck on your bike trip either pedal or motor. rainy season means misquito's so prepare.
I would like tell you that in Vietnam we have many bike tours for foreigners to go from the South up to the North and they also have tour guide for you

You can access this website for further information. This is very reliable website.
Vietnam and Laos. Buffalo Tours or Exotissimo is quite strong in this area.
I think Vietnam is the best country to do biking tour in South East Asia. Vietnam have both deltas, mountains so you can choose to do both easy bike tour or hard bike tour to the mountain along the country. See more info at the website:
Dear Elaine,

Just wondering how many days you have in Vietnam? I would like to give you a tough itinerary for 18 day bike south to north tour for your reference:

Day 1 Arrive/meet in Saigon, day afternoon for sightseeing and bike fitting.
Day 2 Gentle morning ride to Cu Chi tunnels. Afternoon tour of Saigon.
Day 3 Transfer to Dalat. Ride through pine forests and plantations of Dalat.
Day 4 Epic ride on new mountain road to Nha Trang, sure to be a highlight of the trip.
Day 5 Loop ride to explore backroads of Nha Trang. Boat out to simple but comfortable eco resort on Whale Island.
Day 6 Cycle spectacular Hon Gom peninsular to Dai Lanh beach and beyond.
Day 7 Free day at four star Qui Nhon Life Resort
Day 8 Transfer and ride fishing village loop to My Lai, famous memorial site of the Vietnam war.
Day 9 Explore tiny coastal roads on the way to UNESCO town of Hoi An.
Day 10 Free day or cycle the stunning My Son circuit. Visit Cham Temples.
Day 11 Climb the Hai Van Pass and meander on quiet country lanes to Hue, ancient capital of Vietnam.
Day 12 Full day to explore Hue by bike and on foot: there’s the Citadel, many mausoleums and the magnificent Perfume River.
Day 13 Free morning. Overnight reunification express train to Hanoi.
Day 14 Hanoi city tour and afternoon cycle beside the Red River.
Day 15 Ride river dike path to Haiphong, visiting local handicraft villages en route.
Day 16 Cycle to Halong and board a private boat to cruise Halong Bay. Overnight on boat.
Day 17 Boat cruise of Halong Bay. Return to Hanoi.
Day 18 End of tour. Transfer to Hanoi International airport for return or onward travel

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