I am looking for a good hotel to stay in at Negril. Do you have any suggestions?


Country: Jamaica


It depends on exactly what you are looking for, some good ones are:
1. ClubHotel Riu
2. Riu Palace Tropical Bay
3. Hedonism II
4. Sunset at the Palms
5. Couples Negril
6. The Palms Resort
Try Catch a falling Star, next the Rick's Cafe. It's a little pricey but great spot, $300 a day
There is an avenue of Hotels in Negril what are you looking for? Do you want a nudist colony Hedonism 3 is for you, I think Superclubs has a hotel there, Beaches Negril Resort and Spa is there, CocoLaPalm Resort is there, Superclubs Grand Lido Negril is there, Hidden Paradise Resort is there, Sunset at the Palms Resort and Spa is there, Idle Awhile is there, Jamaica Tamboo Villa is there, Negril Tree House Resort is there, Merrils Beach Resorts is there, The Palms Resorts is there, Couples Negril is there, Sunset on the Beach and Sunset on the Cliffs Resorts are there, Riu Tropical Bay Hotel is there, and Sandals Negril Beach Resort and Spa is also there and the list goes on and on. It depends on how deep your pockets are and where you wish to go.

Negril perhaps has not most hotels per square mile than anywhere else in Jamaica. As such, there are many that are good to choose from.

The beauty arises that most of these hotels are themed. That is, different hotel may appeal to you at different times, whether you are in a Business mode, party mood, feeling for adult entertainment, family setting, exploration, artistic, nostalgic, etc...

So if you can give an idea as to what you are expecting or hoping to find then I can narrow down the hotel of choice to the most suitable for this situation.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Well well, the best hotels i have sampled so far in Negril is Sandals Royal Caribbean, Hedonism II, and Couples Resorts. Wish you well in your stay i know you will enjoy it.
You can also stay at Grand Lido Braco...also a very nice hotel with reasonable rates.
If you want to catch a good sunset (and probably see some dolphins) I'd recommend Catcha Falling Star, on the West End. The cottages are really cozy and rustic, and have a great view. They're not too pricey either.
There are several hotels in Negril:
-Couples Negril: majority of amenities and activities are included in the room rate
- The Caves: Intimate resort for adults
- Sandals Negril Beach Resort and Spa: adult couples only
- Grand Lido Negril Resort ans Spa- isolated from the rest of the resort is a clothing-optional section- resort limited to guests age 16 and older
- SuperClubs Hedonism II: for uninhibited couples and singles
- Point Village: lovely village atmosphere
- many more...
Grand Lido is nice also Hotel Riu and Coral Cove resort which is very close to negril is an excellent choice
If you want a really nice Jamaican experience, the EP hotels I would recommend in Negril are:
Idle Awhile
Rock House
Tensing Pen
Country Country

For all inclusives try:
Couples Swept Away
Couples Negril
Grand Lido Negril

For villas:
Sea and Sand Eco Villas
Crystal Waters
White Sands
There is a place called Merrils Beach Hotel
really nice
There is a wide varity of places with various rates, kindly email me with when do you plan to travel, how much is in your party, how much you intend to spend and what type experience you are looking forward to have. With this inforation, I will be more suited to make a recommendation,
So email me at;
Depends on what you want in Negril. The West End is more quiet and laid back. Check out for a nice place on the cliffs. If you prefer the beach with more action and activity then check out for a great budget location right on the best beach in Jamaica.

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Maximum occupancy per room is (3) three persons.
Children under 12 years is $36.00. Children under 2 years is free.
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Government tax 8.25% not included.
All Inclusive - Room, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and drinks at the bar between the hours of 10am - 10pm.

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