In which season does Japan show it's best face to tourists?


Country: Japan


It's a toss up between spring and fall. Spring is great for the cherry blossoms--usually around late March early April. It's a little chilly but the cherry blossoms are incredible! Fall is nice because of the color of the foliage, and it isn't too hot or cold, and there aren't that many tourists. Late September and early October are the best.
Avoid the winter months unless you like it cold and the time between June and the middle of September is hot and humid.
Hope that this helps.
Spring is best I think, late March or early April,
The cherry blossoms move from south to north as the spring weather warms, Kyoto is very beautiful during this time.
Hi! I must say that it's all year!
Spring: Beautiful cherry bloosoms and nice weather.
Summer: Many famous fastivals everywhere and beautiful fireworks!
Fall: Gorgeous Japanese Maples and nice weather.
Winter: Gifu (Shirakawago) and Hokkaido have beautiful snow festival like environment!

It depends on what you are interested in! Any details, please contact me.
Spring and Autum but all year round there will be something happening such as Obon etc If your not a fan of the heat then Spring or Autum would be a good choice.
Well, Japan have very distinct seasons. I like Spring with cherry blossoms and many other flowers in late March or April. However, early Fall is nice with many beautiful colors and fruits. Early October is really nice time to visit.
In short Spring, but like other members said there's something going on around the year.
Hi Marlene. The answers, already posted, have covered everything well enough. A lot depends on how long you plan to be here. If you are here, in the days leading-up to "Cherry Blossom" season, I would suggest you connect-up with others and party, like the Japanese do. It's a big event here and a great day to boot. Be prepared to get very pissed.All you have to do is look for the people under the Cherry Blossom trees.
If you whant to see the Kyoto city the best month is in the last of october and if you whant to see ,, cherry blossom ,,the best month is in the last of march......
I think every season have something special in Japan.....becouse i like winter too with hot spring and hot sake....:)

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