I would like to camp somewhere in Egypt. Are there camping sites in Egypt? Where can I camp and how can I reach these sites?


Country: Egypt


there's a great place a valley near Fayoum city its called rayan valley ( wady el rayan )
u can camp there and do a bbq or anything , it also has some beautiful waterfalls , not big but beautiful
Thank you. How can I reach this Wady El Rayan? What preparations should I have for there? How about other places? I am planning to camp for about a week or more. How about Sinai? Ismaelia? Alex? Hurghada and Sharm?
Wadi el Ris in the Fayoum only a couple of hours max from Cairo. You can go by road very easily. Hire a car or engage a tour company to transport you, you could take a taxi as well, or a bus to Fayoum (city) and then a taxi. The Fayoum really is beautiful!
i think there few in Cairo, you can get in touch with them through the office of the Egyptian tourist authority in your city. for example in new york city, the Egyptian tourist authority office is in fifth avenue close to st. Patrick church.
it depends on how many days you want to stay...if you have more six days ,you can go to the oasis(i just came back from the Baharyia oasis).
** if you want to know more ...let me know.
Thank you about your reply. I would like to camp for about a week or maybe more. How can I go to Oasis? What preparations should I have? Are there other places? How about Sinai?
is it you or you have more people with you ....becuase if you have friends,this will chare the cost.....right? can get to the oasis by bus or ny private car,when you are there....i can let my people do everything for you .......let me know
Hey Deniz,
There are plenty of camping sites in Egypt, including Siwa.
But I advise going to Sinai, Ras Sheitan in particular. It is 2 hours from Sharm El-Sheik. If you need further information feel free to email me at
Welcome to Egypt!
Hi there, You can camp at the following places in Egypt
a) Bahariya Oasis
b) Siwa Oasis
c) White desert
d) Great Sand Sea
e) Wadi El Rayan, Wadi El Hitan Near Fayoum
f) Dakhla Oasis
g) Kharga Oasis

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you can camping in also in marsa alam it is very nice place but to injoy you must come in sptember or october max..
one of the best camping sites in egypt is basata, its near to sharm el sheikh, you can rent a hut right on the beach and try the real taste of simple life without electricity and technology. you can snorkle or dive in the red sea right infront of your hutt, nice music and cultural activities at night. + it is very cheap...
i think the best is wady elryan fayoum or abo kir alexandria and u can camp in dakhla oasis or kharga oasis

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