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Hi I live in San Francisco and I am interested in visiting Hawaii, however I am concerned of going to a highly commercialized area (and expensive). Do you have suggestions of where to go in Hawaii (and how to get there), that wont be too commercial? I will probably have about 4 days there.


State: Hawaii

Country: United States


Once you arrive in Honolulu, Take a city bus to the downtown area to purchase a one month bus pass or you will be paying $2 per ride, just ask the service persons at the curb in the airport where to catch the bus to get yout pass! If you get a state Id it will be even less expensive as you'll appear to live in Hawaii and will get the Kaamaina Rates every where you travel in Hawaii. Look at the Info boards at most food shopping stores like Star and Foodland Markets for less expensive accomodations offered by local families who have spaces to rent within their homes.
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If you're looking for non-commercial, then Molokai or Lanai are the best places to go. Not a lot to do there, but the scenery and beaches are great. Go to to find great condo/house rentals that are pretty well priced. You will probably have to rent a car on either island, unless you can talk the owner of the rental into picking you up or helping with accomodations. The nice thing about Molokai and Lanai is that people are pretty freindly there and usually willing to help out.

If you end up coming to Oahu, you will want to head to the North Shore or windward side for less commercialized areas.
I played tennis in Kaua'i and spent summer in MoloKa'i for summer in high school. Both islands are non-commercial. You can experience the local life here.
Kaua'i and MoloKa'i
Even though you have probably already had your trip, this is always a good question. So many people think of Hawaii as like Waikiki everywhere.

Any island you visit has non-commercial, non-touristy areas even Oahu. You do not have to get too far outside Honolulu to find lovely local beaches, and great hiking. There are so many places it is impossible to even begin to list them, but on Oahu, the north shore is very nice, as is Kailua Bay.

I like the Big Island - it is my home. It is very rural, non-commercial, except in pockets of Kailua-Kona. Hilo is very laid back. For an exquisite trip, take some time on the Hamakua Coast, and few days at the Volcano, both in the park and visiting the surrounding areas.

To get around you can arrange your travel around the bus schedule if you are exceedingly frugal, rent a car, take tours, or excursions designed to suit your preferences.

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