We are looking for some good tours across Vietnam to see the country and absorb it's culture.


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Hi there. Why don't you contact my very good friend Jess Richardson, at Itravel Hanoi. She is a very clued up Australian lady who has worked in the Vietnam travel industry for some time now, and will have some great tour package ideas for you to look at.

there are many places to engjoy across Vietnam, you can travel from the North which is Hanoi or HoiAn which is very famous with the acient houses, food, silk cloth....

If you want to see the beach you can go to NhaTrang, the beach is so wonderful and seafood are spectacular.

You can also spend few days on SaiGon which is the largest city in Vietnam and some tours to CuChi tunnel, CaoDai temple etc.

In the South east of Vietnam, there are various kind of food, fruit and absolutely you have to join the floating-market (very interesting, food sold in boats)
If your bugget lest than 100usd, so u can take a open tour as Sinh Cafe, Kim Cafe, TM Brother and some in another travel as (sorry i forget a name) but u can find it easily in quater Old town in Hanoi.
So thats every easy and very cheap for you to take a whole country tour and u can manage ur time.
Have a nice day and nice trip
and if you would like to have a drink with me in Saigon pls contact me . welcome
. there has some travel tips, so hope u enjoy Vietnam
I am so sorry,I didnt read ur request before answering.
So for 2days, u cant travel all Vietnam. for 2days, u can just only city tour Saigon (HCMC) or Hanoi and at least u can take 1 day tour Mekong delta tour or Cu Chi tunnel if u come to Saigon, or Ninh Binh - Hoa lu, Perfume pogoda or Ha long bay 1 day tour if u come to Hanoi. but Hanoi city need 2 days
anyway if u choose a place to come, if u come to Hanoi, pls send me email with ur request and when u would like to do a tour, i can arrange a trip for you guy
have a nice day and nice trip
my email :
Hi, there are some unclear things in your post (I'm an American Expat here) $100USD budget for a day/week? How long will you be here?
Tourism here is a little different, it operates at the speed of the culture...they don't quite have it down yet. Herd you on, herd you off, the tourist only wants to see: incense makers, pagodas, temples, endless markets and the countryside at 80 to 90kmh. I am not a 'good tourist' but went on a run with a friend last year, if they stop you MUST see it!! It got to the point that the tour guide insisted that I go in somewhere and got in my face about 'No'.
You won't see much real culture, endless incense makers and what they 'think' you should see. IMO you should try and make up an itenerary then go with it on your own. Train travel is easy and cheap as is bus travel. Most of the answers have been from tour companies, the tour companies that the one guy mentioned are mostly as I described and only go to the biggest tourist traps.
Hi, I lead street food and market tours in Hanoi and food interest tours around Vietnam and my partner can arrange any type of tour or travel that you need; all budgets. for more info
I see you say you have only 2 days. If you want to travel "across Vietnam" in 2 days I suggest an airplane and what you can absorb of the culture in 2 days will be what you can see as you fly over it.
2 days is CERTAINLY not enough time to say you have even BEEN in Vietnam. Limit your choices to 1. Saigon/ or 2. Hanoi or /3. Danang and you MIGHT get to see a little bit of just ONE of those places in 2 days.
Its a bit like a friend of mine won a 14 day round Australia trip- What did she see? endless night time as the bus travelled overnight every day, 5 minute stops at capital cities, and certainly not much else. Same with two days in Vietnam- IMPOSSIBLE
i agree with Ray above- two days,you need to choose Saigon or Hanoi....then we can help you
To really see the country and absorb the true culture, nothing is better than a rural homestay with a Vietnamese family: no touristy hype; no kitschy add-ons which some travel company thinks you will enjoy ... just genuine, down-home Vietnamese hospitality.

bicycle tours & cooking classes in Hoi An

bicycle tours starting from at 160.000 VND. incl. guiding, water, bicycles use for the whole day!

cooking classes 21$ 1 person. Incl: market tour, boat transfer, cooking class, lunch. Only private cc or small groups.
It's probably too late for this answer to be of help to you, as you specified July 16 to 18, but perhaps it can be of help to others who read these posts.
1st of all, if you want to learn about Vietnam's culture and history, you shouldn't miss a trip to Hue City and to the DMZ.
2nd of all, as others have responded, 2 days is not enough for even one city, let alone more.
I offer tours both on and off the beaten path, but I can promise you will never feel "herded" or hurried. You can choose what you want to see, as I am flexible, and my tours are easily adaptable to meet your needs.
How about the bike tours?
here we are!
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This is a listing of all travel companies in Vietnam. . These companies will be able to help appoint experienced native tour guides in the respective regions so you get to know the countries plus a personal account of the people. The various agencies are experienced in different areas so really depends on your requirements. If you go to the respective websites, you will get an idea of their specialties and you can decide which one meets your needs most. Have fun traveling here.
For only 2 days trip I think the best place for you is Halong bay. With your budget price we can offer you a 2 days trip to the Huong Hai junk cruise, they are very nice and famous junk in Halong bay. You can see the itinerary at our website:

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