Are there ferries that leave from Sri Lanka to Maldives?

What's the journey duration and where should I board?


Country: Sri Lanka


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Maldives is a bit too far for ferries. But there are flights (about 200USD return trip). Once you fly to Male, there are ferries or boats that take you to resort islands.


All of my guests to date have flown its about an hour. Dont know of any ferries operating between Sri lanka and The Maldives. Sorry.
Hello ?,

Sorry there are no ferry's to the Maldives or to India.
We think the government soon will supply it to develop the country, so in 1 or 2 years they will run.


No, there aren't any Ferries from SL to Maldives. You can take a flight which I think takes about 1 hour. Sri Lankan Airlines, Emirates and Quatar Airways operate flights from Colombo Airport to Male.

Hope this helps.
no ferries to sri lanka..only flights..sri lankan airlines operates two times a day..
Sorry.No ferries to or from SriLanka to Male.Its only one hour's flight.You can check with Srilankan air ways.
there are no ferries dear.
As there was an ongoing war in the country all private sea travel were put on halt.They may start such a service but specifics are not known yet.
However there are daily flights to Male from Colombo,and there on to your destination island a ferry or sea plane could be taken.
have a nice vacation.
Sorry, there are no ferry's to the Maldives.

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