What's the best coffee in San Francisco?


City: San Francisco

State: California

Country: United States


now this is a much disputed, but very good question - seeing as you've asked specifically about coffee and not cafe's it does narrow the search. I highly recommend checking out 4 different coffee shops which roast their own beans. My current favourite is Four Barrel on Valencia st, second place is Trouble Coffee co out near Ocean Beach, 3rd place would be the place that arguably started the whole local roastery Blue Bottle Coffee, and finally the hipster hang-out Ritual Coffee again on Valencia.

All of these locations roast their own beans and make a great cup of coffee.

1. Four Barrel -
2. Trouble Coffee -
3. Blue Bottle -
4. Ritual Coffee -
I recommend Graffeo's in North Beach. Excellent coffee beans roasted daily. Somehow they have maintained a consistant flavor profile over the years.This is a traditional coffee roaster in North Beach and for my money the best. San Francisco roastery phone number 800-222-6250.

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