going to sharm in march want to go fishing in boat

cannot find anybody who wants to go out have tried fishingegypt .com and they have cancelled trips


Country: Egypt


Hi there

You would have to travel quite a distance for fishing, as the area around Sharm is a National Park and so fishing is not allowed,fishing shores and waters of Sharm El-Sheikh is prohibited. You need at least 1 hour sailing east or 2.5 hours south/south west before you can stop for still fishing. You can legally troll before that.
Any diving center can probably arrange something for you. Make sure to book a few days in advance.
You can also check some previous threads about fishing Sharm El-Sheikh like this one:


Happy fishing!
hi thanks for your reply .my holiday is now booked and i am staying in sharks bay can anyone there organise a fishing trip for me my travel dates are 22nd march till 2nd april any help from yourself or anybody you no much appreiciated
We can send you on a fishing trip with a guide if you don't want to go alone, but to rent a private boat is expensive, especially in Sharm, let me know if you aready to do it, I'll give you contact.
Elena power
it is quite expensive to fish in sharm el sheikh, better come to Alex, Cairo, or other city near the Mediterranean or near the Nile
I can arrange the fishing trip with an acquaintance who has a boat and take tourists out fishing for you but it is costly it is best to be a group and share the expenses. or let me know your schedule and i can check with them if they have a trip that you can join
try to find any tour guide to help you on this and i wish to be able to help you but i am very busy and i hope to enjoy your trip to egypt and you are welcome in egypt
I'm with shaab Ramad the fishing in sharm will be too expensive.
you can try fishing in alex or in marsa matrouh
***hi philip im so happy to help u, send me a complete details and i will do my best to get u a good offer there,contact me on my profile.
***with my best wishes***
hi there.u can find many travel agencies in sharm can offer this service but i recommend for u sunand fun.thank u
i tried and liked it you should try it and we can give you a tour guide ofr that
Hi ,,, ofcourse u can go for fishing in sharm el sheikh , but thats will e early about 8am the boat goes to a place called MAHMOUDAT this is the only place for fishing at sharm elsheikh and all the guest going to there u gonna hunt lots of fish buddy
enjoy there and see u overthere
therre fishing in sharm but i think it will be expensive u can do it free on nile or mideterrian sea ,only place for fishing at sharm elsheikh called MAHMOUDAT the boat goes to a place early about 8am
Many Aqua centers in sharm is organizing daily fishing trip,but it is in not for proffionals as they can not go far from shores,but if you need a special trip you should book a private trip.If you will need any help just contact me
hi u dont need to think , my friend in there will help u , but when u fishing and get such a big fish its mein ok?
yes , sharm is very expensive place to visit, you need at least 60 $ per a day
Hi,I with you to come to Sharm El Sheikh and fishing in boat but it's very expensive i'm with shaab ramad.
Please check our website and you will find what you need
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u can go in travc marina u will find more than 2000 boat some f them fr fishing and sme for safari and if u want boat for ur self alone it will coast u200$per night

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