I am planning to travel to Manta, Ecuador from Peru by bus. I understand it is cheaper to cross the border from Tumbes to a nearby... in Ecuador and then take a local bus to Manta. Is this journey hassle free? I understand sometimes there are problems with immigration at the border. Is there a better crossing elsewhere than Tumbes? Thanks


Country: Peru


Safe buses in both Countries.
Border between Ecuador and Peru is ok
Safe buses in both Countries.
Border between Ecuador and Peru is ok
Taking a bus from Tumbes to Machala in Ecuador is a common route between Peru and Ecuador and there will be other Peruvian/Ecuadorian travelers making the same trip. It's quite an arduous crossing and the two immigration points are several miles apart. The border crossing is also unsafe for tourists at night, during the day keep a very close eye on your belongings at all times and avoid leaving your bags on the back of mototaxis. Buen viaje!
From Tumbes, get on a bus to Aguas Verdes or better yet take a taxi for $10.00 to $20.00 that will stop at each control (Peruvian and then Ecuatorian). The process is fairly easy if your papers are in order. Here is the name of a Peruvian who helps people get across and walks them through the process. Arturo Preciado Cel: 972820868. I am told that one needs to watch one's belonging, but you already know that. Good Luck.
Yes, that journey is hassle free.
At the border there is just some paperwork, that's it.
There are another crossings at Macara via Sullana and San Ignacio in Amazonas very far from your way.

I have never done the trip but I understand that you might as well be carefull do not trus any of the people that offer help, for personal experience your best bet is always trust the police for directions and advice, good luck
is a good option
Hello, for a personnal experience I crossed the border from Tumbes to Aguas Verdes, and I took a bus to Machala and Cuenca in Ecuador, the border is safe as long as you take care of you own belongs, it is better if you take a cab, there is going to be a lot of people approching you and giving some directions, it would be better is you just ignore them, have fun and have a safe trip!!!!!
Hi! Crossing the border is easy... if you are in Máncora or Tumbes, ask at your hotel, coz I cant remember the name right now, of a bus company that crosses the border. It's an Ecuadorian company (Everyone knows it). The service is ok but is good enough. You can take a bus or a car/taxi from Mancora to Tumbes and then, take 'this' bus company. They take you from Tumbes to the border and they wait for you at the Immigration office in Peru. Then, they cross the border and wait for you at the Immigration office in Ecuador. Your bags are safe in the storage of the bus, and they don't speak English but are quit helpful. You can go with this bus company all the way to Machala (1 n 1/2 hours from the border) and from there, there are lots of bus companies with buses to everywhere in Ecuador. Ecuadorians are lovely!!! Have a great time :) I hope I helped!!
many buses both sides, I can recommend Ormeño from Peru side

regards and good luck

Jose Antonio
(1) Thanks to all localytes of Peru who answered my question about crossing the border from Peru to Ecuador. I think I will take Jose's advice and take the bus from Tumbes to Machala so that immigration will be hassle free.
(2) I have another related question. When they stamp the passport at the airport in Lima, should I ask for a multiple entry visa? (I am a Canadian citizen) so that when I return from Manta, Ecuador to Peru, I don't have to get the visa again?

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