Couple looking for reasonable rental 2 months April-June 2011 in Quepos area. Clean, safe, with internet and close to town and beaches.

Also best way to rent a car for 2 months, where to shop groceries and live on tight budget, phone while in Costa Rica and is it safe for Americans. We are trying it out to see if a permanent move is right for us. Thanks!


Country: Costa Rica


Quepos is not really safe, even for locals. There are lots of junkies and the town is not pretty; I suggest you to think in Manuel Antonio or Jaco area. Also you should think about Montezuma, Samara or Tamarindo beaches in Guanacaste or Osa area on the south Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Those are beautiful towns right in front of the beach, pretty safe, with groceries stores, car rentals, internet and phone connection.
Thanks, Randall. I guess I just think of Quepos and Manuel Antonio as the same, but I do remember how different they were from each other when we were there four years ago. We have friends in Quepos, but inland a little on a farm. We also have friends in Portalon. We don't want to be in a little USA, with only other Americans but a nicely mixed area of locals and other nationalities. I will check out your suggested areas in my research. As I mentioned, we want to stay a few months to get a feel for an area before moving down fully. Thank you so much for your input!
Hello Mam, my name is Evan i am from Central Pacific and i have a friend he lives in ( so if you know Quepos Area i guess... is located in the way up to Dominical... got it !
Not that far from ¨ town ¨, with facilities around you, like gas Station, hospital just in case, internet service, like 20 mnts away from the crowd. Groceries and more ahhh bus service too.
any question so far, plase feel free to ask.

I also heard something about Hermosa beach and coco Beach aplease do not hesitate in contact me . Twenty years experinced Tour guide

Thank you !
costa rica is relatively safe, I am an ameican architect living here for 20 years,
building fine tropical homes..
I lived in manuel antonio for 10 years, but reccomend tamarindo for a better time
What are your thoughts on Cuyuba or Montezuma for a quiet and safe area?
Hello Susanne, I think this is not the best moment to move to Quepos or anywhere close to that area. It has been hit by a big storm so situation is a little complicated right now. If you are looking for a beach destination try the North Pacific. It is easy to get a cell phone and definitely it is safe for Americans to visit or live in here. If you want further information call me 8880-0517
How bad was the storm? We would not be going until 5 or 6 months from now, so I am sure it will be better by then. What do you think of the Cuyuba or Montezuma area. I am also looking at Playa Hermosa or Playa Coco.
hi susan live in playa conchal this place is real close from tamarindo beach,I recommend here is a good place nice beach,and close to the facilities such as supermarkets and more internet services wifi and more the road is real good close from LIBERIA airport and is real safe arround here
I know some people here this guys has condos for rent or houses with local services some local people rent houses with air conditions and full staff you know,fridge,kitchen and more if you interested let me know
best regards
you can send me you e mail and I send you private massage
Thanks, Rainer! I will let you know what we decide and if we need to get in contact with you to rent a condo or house. I am unfamiliar with that area but pictures look beautiful.
ok Susanne this is my web side

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