Are there any "tourist Jail"s in Kandy?


Country: Sri Lanka


Yes. There are some real tourist jail's in Kandy. I was stay in Highest view and Sharon inn guest houses in Saranankara road. O, the owners were really looks like jailers and not allow to talk anybody outside and always asking where are we going. When I wanted to go anywhere they wanted to give us a tuk tuk of their own. When I gone to town and bought anything they asking what is each with the prices. Never stay in those places. You will loose your holiday.
Hi, I have the same experience in Highest View in Kandy.
Hello. Ive just returned from Sri Lanka 2 days ago, have been many times , there is no jails specially for tourists. One would be thrown in with the locals and no special treatment would be given as all are equal in this situation. Hope you dont get to this situation.

regards Derek
No, There are no tourist jails in Kandy, and what do you mean by Tourist Jails ? is it a some Prison where tourist can visit, like the Alcatraz in USA?
Go that place as a tourist, you can experience how your accommodation become a jail !
Nice question,

every tourist is treated as a local as soon as they arrive in Sri Lanka.

that means even the jails are the same as for the locals... I will tell you its not a nice sight.

if you are planning to visit the isle of Serendip (Golden Beaches and the lush cultured inlands) please read your do's and don'ts beforehand to avoid any inconvenience to your holiday...

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Cheers ! ! !

Its FUN and SUN in Sri Lanka ! !
forget tourist jails... but I have seen signboards which say Tourist Magostrate and Tuorist Courts... I wonder what that is?

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