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When is the best time to cruise Ha Long bay, as I take a lot of photo's is there a time when the sky is clear.


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The sky is rarely clear in Vietnam. The best time (in my opinion) to visit Halong Bay is either the spring (Feb-April), or early summer. These times have little rain. The winter is quite cold in the north of Vietnam, and I suggest its a bad time to visit Halong Bay as swimming is one of the magic drawcards. There are certainly lots of photographs to be had whilst visiting Halong Bay, and the view from the platform when exiting the obligatory cave exploration is spectacular. If you travel the Bay on a junk, the junk captain will usually erect the red sails when he knows you will be at the cave exit, so you can take a spectacular shot. Within the bay, Cat Ba Island is worth a visit, as there is a very good National park there with excellent views if you are prepared and fit enough to take the climb to the peak. (Its rather strenuous). Sunset on the Bay can produce spectacular photographs, particularly if you are on an overnight cruise, as the ships usually anchor in a quiet inlet nestled between a couple of islands. Vendors will come to your cruise boat by their strange foot paddled boats, and they make great shots in themselves. Lots of things to photograph in Halong Bay, and its likely you will take a lot more phots there than you planned. Have fun
I suggest you will probably not get a more honest or comprehensive reply than this one.
Its never really clear in Halong Bay- however, end March to start December. From Jan to end Feb its pretty cold and miserable as we have a blanket of drizzle rain that falls in the North of Vietnam
The best time to cruisr Ha Long bay is from Feb to July. Although it's rain sometimes, but don't worry about that. Rain on Ha Long Bay has a feature that is: The county heavy rain falling sea, creating endless sound is heard ran. Across the sea surface, exhale once vapor fuzzy fuzzy, thick about 20-30cm looked like a white carpet foam, beautiful.
According to rules of nature, after each rainy skies barriers often clarity, more clear. Ha Long is a really splendid, if slightly more sunshine yellow. On the island of rock, alternatives biec the green carpet of vegetation around the country by Gray black rain just dipping limestone created. Some cut by the invasion of natural stations of limestone mix from the top or back flow down after accidentally create the picture with gam color: gold, brown, white ... And as someone is drawing unfinished. Not all, on top of a rocky island after more than 100m high needle after rain usually closed some cloud sheet.
Hi Graham, the best time to cruise Halong bay in early Summer and Autumn from April to June and from October to November. In that time the sky normally is clear, sometimes it rains but it is not a problem(heavy but short rain). In that time of the year it is not too hot in the north of Vietnam. The hottest month is July, and it has most rain from July to September. From July to September is also the typhoon season. When there is a typhoon, it will cause rain for a few days. In Winter and Spring from December to March it is cold and foggy but there is no rain in this season, in this time you will see Halong bay like a magic place.
The best time to cruise Ha Long bay is in early summer (April-June) and autumn (Sep- Oct). We have the most clear& blue sky durin these time and it's warm enough to swim. Apart from the classic voyage on wooden boat, you can also enjoy kayaking and scuba diving in Ha Long bay. During the trip you will visit a floating village where they sell many kinds of strange fish, shell and prawn which you can buy and ask the cook on your boat prepare for you. The villagers also offer you a short visit by motor boats to caves or groups of mountains nearby. Very interesting with reasonable price
my suggestion:
travel from January - March!
The December and April are the first months after
and the last months before rainy season,
which means weather is not stable during that changing period.
But if there's any rain between January - March
I'll buy you a beer ;o)
You might owe some beer Ben!

A friend on 'Dao Cong Tay' said it rained last week. Not sure if you consider that island to be within Vinh Ha Long or not, and cannot confirm that it actually did rain, but it has rained TWICE here in HCMC in the last week ... in the middle of the Dry Season!
hey graham

your question was about photography in halong bay so i shall apply the answers with that in mind. in principle, i would say spring, summer and autumn. however, the weather's been unpredictable so do make a last minute check on rains, skipped the middle of summers and chilling winters.

when sailing on a vessel in halong and towards the grottos, sometimes on one side of the vessel, we get a chinese water painting like landscape with layers and layers of fog against the karyst limestones creating a most romantic and sensual effect.

yet on the other side of the vessel, at exactly the same time, the sky's totally clear allowing the sun to shine through creating a most vivid and surreal picture of halong bay set against a sea of deep jade emerald like sea waters. the effect is one of a sunny disposition and create a most happy feelings.

personally i prefer the water like effect of halong but i hope you get to capture both the effects with your camera. i hope you will also capture the eagles circling the sky just around sunset. halong bay is beautiful. you will love it.

hope the above helps.

Hi !

For my opinion
From December to the end of march its cold or have small raining not really nice to visit Halong bay in this period.
I think the best period for do picture and visit this area its from Mai to the beginning of july warm and not much rain in this period of the year.
From May to October are the best time to cruise Ha Long bay, clear and blue sky - Great for taking photo and kayaking around. Raining season and summer, it does not affect much to you purpose. Check out your information also with
Good luck and happy travel!

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