We have two children (ages 6 and 4). We would like to take them to Italy. Which cities are most kid friendly?


Country: Italy


Hi there,
Italy in gneral is very child friendly. Yu won't have any problem with people in restaurants or hotels, as people here, in general, really like kids. Children often love Venice because of the water. It really depends on what keeps your child interested, as well. If your kids like museums, then I suggest Rome and Florence. you miht want to look into places that have lots of outdoor activities. Lake Garda has Gardaland, which is an amusement park, and you could then go to Venice, or the Veneto area.

Also in Bolzano there is the Ice Man, or Otzi, the mummy found int the Alps. The exhibits are very kid friendly and he whole experience is very fun.
Also try the Gladiator school in Rome. Kids love it.
Also try the Gladiator school in Rome. Kids love it.
I aupaired for an american family with 3 children under 5 that came to italy last summer, they visited rome and the kids loved the taking photos with people dressed up as ancient romans outside the colusseum and to hear the stories about romolo and remo and the wolf, throwinf coins in the 'fontana di trevi' making a wish, eating LOTS of icecreams...also the parks in rome are very nice with ponds, rowing boats, merry go rounds...
then we spent one day in florence and in front of the dome they had their portrait taken...I would also suggest a one day trip to Pisa, which is still in tuscany, to go up the leaning tower...
venice is really great for kids, you should take them on a gondola ride and then go with the vaporetto to visit one of the small islands of the laguna..murano and burano are the can visit a glass factory and see artists give amazing shapes to the hot glass in front of your eyes...anyway feeding pigeons in st marco square was the highlight of the day..
also living near como I would suggest a day trip can take a boat trip on the lake up to bellagio, maybe stopping in villa carlotta which has an amazing garden that your kids would really enjoy...
moving on to milan you can walk on the roof of the cathedral and visit the 'museo della scienza e della tecnica' which contains old trains, boats and many interactive patterns..
one of the best things for kids anyway would be the aquarium in really really worth can touch manta ray, see sea turtles, dolphins, etc..and once you are out of it you can have a very yummy 'focaccia'...
well..enjoy your trip...
I don't suggest feeding the pigeons in Venice as 80% of them are infected with salmonella, not exactly something you want to take home with you.
I have another question before answer. What kind of vacation are you looking for? is beach, sightseen, history monument, museum? the answer would be different based on what type of vacation.
Since our kids our young they get tired quickly of monuments and museums. We are most interested in cultural activities (with lots of fun mixed in), so that our kids can get to know local people and traditions.
What are you interested in, exactly?
In a lot of Italian cities, for example, you can find a "city of kids", a sort of village with libraries, institutions, places and services thinked for young people and managed by young people!
Something interesting, isn't it?!
Absolutely Florence and Milan

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