What is cost of drinks & eating out in Lima Cuzco Santiago Buenos Aires & Rio


Country: Chile


here in chile a good drink cost us$10 or $20... the pisco sour is very tasty!!!!
cuzco is the most cheap, there are special offers and you can even get 4x1 at about 5 dollars... and eating depends on where you do it, because if you look carefully or you ask the locals, you can get a nice lunch for about 5 dollars too. A good option is checking out where the locals eat and go in there, because if you go to the most touristic places, then of course it will be more expensive

here in santiago, it also depends on where you do it. In some places you can find a beer of 1 liter, at 3 dollars easily and drinks around 5 to 7 dollars. In more "high" expensive places, a drink can easily cost 20 dollars.

and about eating, you can find nearby downtown, lunches at 5 dollars tops. In more expensive places you can find a lunch for 20 - 30 dollars

Buenos Aires is also cheap, drinks and meal is so so similar to Santiago

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