China Town, what is the name of the small lane that sells watches, toys, perfumes,pencils etc


Country: Thailand


i'm not sure that u mean for "Sam-Peng" or not. as that small street have many stuff to sell, u can buy for wholesale too. u can find toys, watches, stationary, lady accessories, etc.. in cheap price. and if u want to buy cloth, souvenir, stuff for spa, etc, u can walk across the road to indian market that we call "Pahurad" and also "The Old Siam" mall. hope u can find things u want. but if u need more information, u can contact me.
Thanks, will contact you for further info when I decide on the dates of travel
Sampeng, definitely. Heaven of wholesale. Don't forget to bring your friends there so that your day would be fun & cheap. Or you can go alone if you don't mind getting 12 pairs of earring for yourself. ^.^
Sampheng ka!
Sampeng dude... other stuff on offer on Yaowaraj road and Rajawongse...
Try 'Mahachak Rd.', between 'Yaowarat' and 'Charoen Khrung Rd., 5 minutes walk from hotel 'Grand China Princess' at 'Rachavong' intersection. I think that's the one you mean.
Sampheng krab.
Sampeng lane you'll find all the stuff you're looking for.

Have fun.

Glad to confirm suggestions of fellow Localytes. :-)))
Glad to confirm suggestions of fellow Localytes. :-)))
Sampheng Market
Yes, all the above is good information
it's call sum-peng..
it's call sum-peng..
Sam Peng Land... you can now get 6 to get wholesales price...and not 12.

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