Need your suggestions for my Morocco trip.

Hello,I'm planning to be in Morocco this Feb.I'm from the US. What should I pack when I go to Morocco,some thing I'll definitely need but is diffcult to get there?


Country: Morocco


In February it will be winter in Morocco so you would need to pack warm clothing. You should be able to find most things you need without any problem. Enjoy your visit to this magic country!!
Hi. Surely you will arrive in one of the great cities as Casablanca and Marrakech where you find all you need. February is one fresh month but if you come in the desert of the Sahara you can find pleasantly day warm! You will be happy about your trip.
I think you can find everything you need here, you just need someone to show you where to find what you need. But in case you know no one, there is a big supermarket called (Marjane) just like walmart in the US where you can find everything you need. I was in the USA I took everything that I thought i would need, I just forgot a converter for my hairdryer and my computer. I f you have some electronic equipments you may need to get a converter from there so you can start using you things as soon as you get here. Another thing, I know that most of the states in the USA are so cold, you might need to bring your jacket and coat but Morocco at this time of the year is not very warm. And by the way, you may need to bring some medecine with you in case you get a flue or you catch cold, so you don`t need to go to the doctor for transcripton!!
Please feel free to ask questions at anytime.
Have a safe strip and enjoy your stay!
Hi richard, what a lovely idea to visit this exciting country in feb, our country is famous of its warm weather even in winter time,there are some great places you have to visit such as casablanca great mosque, agdir beaches, marakech famous square and the great monuments around like grave yards of saadiyin , you can find everything you need in here,but its vital to find a guide who will show you a lot, people in here are so hospitable and welcoming, you can stay with some families if you meet the right people, there are supermarkets everywhere in the big cities where u can get variety of things u will need. i just wish u a good trip and nice welcome, dont hesitate if u need any help because im a touristic guide.
Hi dear visitor..

It pleases me to see people from all over the world making their visits toward my country. If you are visiting big cities like Casablanca, Marrakesh or Rabat, I ensure you that all what you may need must be available and easily acquired. You just need to know where to do your shoppings in.. Try to buy a map for cities so that you would be able to recognize famous places and ares where you can get what you need. Enjoy!
So u wanna know if u have to bring with u something that is not in Morocco.i visited the US last summer and i found that there is no deference between products there and here expect one thing it's u can't find pig in Morocco because Islam religion doesn't accept people to eat pig and by the way im muslim and i ate it in the US. know i tough that it's just meat, and then a US friend who know that muslims can't eat pig told me that its pig but u know i ate just 2 pieces and then i regret but it's acceptable in our religion because i didn't know it.
To spend a good time in Morocco you have to meet a local person in any area , because that will help you to discovre every city us well because some books like "" Lonely planet "" they giving wrong distinations and prices so you have to meet locale people .
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right now i have no time but you can contact me on my email : and i will answer all yoiur questions.
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What would like to do? And which city you will be? How Many days?
Email me for more informations about Morocco.

hello yes welcome to morocco yes is wendrful plic wed defrent culteur and tradition to come te morocco u weel ned only sam cloths pasporte camerra no mor and in morocco u weel fand all wat u want have good lak
don t worry about that if you need something you willeasely find it quit every where in morocco.
If you still need informations and idea about your planning to Morocco contact me.

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