best showto see


City: Las Vegas

State: Nevada

Country: United States


I haven't seen all the shows here and which one you think is best would depend on what you like. I've seen Peep Show at Planet Hollywood, Carrot Top at Luxor, and Bite and American Superstars at Stratosphere. My favorite out of those four was probably Bite. It was an inexpensive topless show, with a focus on the dancing, which I liked. Carrot Top was probably my second favorite. I'm not a big fan of comedians, but he did a great job and had a lot of comedic variety which definitely made me laugh. Peep Show and American Superstars I liked about equally. The singing was really good in both of them, but some of the American Superstar Stars were phenomenal. That being said, the amazing sets and topless girls of Peepshow were just as entertaining, but the price of that ticket makes it not as good of a value in my mind.
As for Cirque de Soleil, all my friends have seen Ka, and they say it's the best Cirque show.
There are some really good shows in Las Vegas, but my absolute favorite is the show at Treasure Island, Mystere', the show has all the flare of the original Cirque and the performers are very good at what they do, it is one of the must sees on a vacation.

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