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We are traveling to san francisco in oct. and want to do a wine tour in either napa or sonoma. Any suggestions of the best company? Would like it to be as private as possible.


City: San Francisco

State: California

Country: United States


Hi,I would have to say it would be our Limo company. Watkins Brothers Transportation Inc. We have been in business since 1997. Please look @ our web site @ , or call our direct line @707 762-6200 for a quote. We will make it as private as you would like it to be.

Thank you

Walt Watkins,
Watkins Brothers Transportation Inc.
Sonoma, County Ca

Absolutely! I have a colleague who will give you a wonderful tour. His name is Rick Spear and you can reach him at . He has a very comfortable van and is extremely knowledgeable...and fun!

Let me know how it goes....
One thing you might want to consider for one day is to rent bikes and see the wine country up close. Plenty of the wineries provide their own tours, and there are convenient rental shops in the main towns. There's not that much reason to get a "tour" unless you really want to be driven - which surely can be pleasant as well.

I just answered this question but wanted to give you another address as .

Good luck and hope all goes well.

Susan Driscoll
hi. if you want it to be private you would have to rent a limo or town car privately. otherwise the smallest shared service would be Great Pacific. 13 people max.

i do private tours of napa and sonoma but i only have a 14 passenger bus. this is too big for you.

good luck. thanks elie

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