I'm traveling for the first time to Thailand in the first week of August. I really want to visit Phuket, but I've heard water...

...activities (ie: snorkeling, swimming at the beach, etc) are limited during monsoon season. I've also heard that Koh Samui is a better option during this time since it gets less rain...but it has less things to do, and it's smaller than Phuket. Which would you suggest - Phuket or Koh Samui? Thanks!!!


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I stayed at Koh Racha. This a small island 20 KM below phuket. Excellent snorkel area in the bay. I really enjoyed it. There are also excursions going from Phuket to Koh Racha.

have fun!

Forget the south with Phuket and Koh Samui.
Go to Koh Chang (Elephant Island), Trat Province, not so far
from BKK and a lot cheaper.
Enjoy yourself
Forget the south with Phuket and Koh Samui.
Go to Koh Chang (Elephant Island), Trat Province, not so far
from BKK and a lot cheaper.
Enjoy yourself
August still rainy season for whole country but more rain in Phuket,anyway not everyday rain and you can snorkeling at PP Island area or another way if you turn to Samui,many activities to do so'cause 3 islands here,Samui,Phangan,Tao.
Phuket has rain yes but some of the better snorkelling and diving in Thailand. There is a lot to do here and activities are not limited as the rain normally only lasts for short periods. If you are interested in diving or snorkelling then the best option is to do it with an operator from Phuket or Phi Phi where they can take you on day trips to the better sites which are further away. I work in a dive shop in Patong Beach. West Coast Divers and we run full day trips. Contact me if you require any more information but whatever you choose have a great holiday!
Good question - will ask another expert and get back to you...!
hi. i am a diver too and i can recommend Koh Phangan.
shure, it is not the best weather to snorkel during monsun,
but... there is no monsun in this time! - starts about october and ends begining of december.

koh samui is not at all a snorkel/dive site. no corals. you have to go by boat and than they bring you anyway to koh phangan, koh tao and marine park. sail rock is the main spot and i can recommend haad yao divers or reefers dive resort. with reefers you can get a free accomodation if you book a course with them.


check it out!
Come to Phi Phi Island :-)
We have some of the best snorkeling in all of Thailand; from shore, different trips and lots of scuba diving.
The weather is usualy better here than the rest of Thailand since the bad weather seames to pass by without to much rain :-)
I run a dive shop and a travel shop so if you need any hotel reservation or travel help just let me know and I will sort you out :-)
More info on:
Deep Down You Want The Best,
Tom and Visa Dive team
This is what I got:

"I havent got any info for snorkellers as I only deal with the divers Koh Tao but you can let her know that the weather in the gulf of Thailand at this time is usually pretty stable until November and the west coast weather is technically monsoon until the end of October so will be more unpredictable."
You got it quite correct with the weather conditions: the east coast of the southern peninsula and the islands offshore get less rain and winds during SW monsoon period as they are on the leeward side of the winds. In my opinion Ko Tao (part of the Samui archipelago) is the best for snorkeling, diving and swimming during this time of the year. It can be easily reached by boat from Chumphon.
Phuket definitely.
Samui, I've been going there for 25 years, plenty to do and more compact than Phuket, so travel easy. All the stunning views with canopies of coconut palms (unlike Phuket) make it worth it alone!
depends on what you are looking for really. Koh Samui is a pretty Island though it is very much a tourist trap and can work out expensive if you are not carefull. There are lots of small bays off of the south coast of Phuket that are good for snorkeling etc. Having said that, the waters can be a little trecherous this time of year so it may be wiser to take a boat trip with onboard guides! There is alot more going on in Phuket than there is in Koh Samui this time of year if your looking for some evening entertainment!!Happy holidays ;-)
If it is your first trip, you should go to Phuket. There are a lot to explore and offered. You can base yourself there...and do day trip to a few islands, diving and snokeling...and come back to enjoy fun evening in Phuket...
On Phuket we snorkel and scuba dive all year round, but the sites are limited in comparison to what we have available during our high season months. Koh Racha Yai, an island located 1 and 1/2 hours south of Phuket has some good sites usually with excellent viz. The daytrip boats go there virtually everyday throughout the year.

However swimming off the west coast of Phuket in August is dangerous due to the very strong rip tides.

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