I'm traveling to Phuket in the first week of August. Will it be possible to snorkel since it's the rainy season? And if so, what are...

...the best areas to snorkel? I've heard lots of positive things about staying at Kata - are there any good snorkel sites near Kata? Thanks!!


Country: Thailand


Hello yes you have heard good things about Kata, but the bad things at the moment are... it's the monsoon season and the seas at present are extremely dangerous for snorkeling, even swimming. However besides the red flags out, people are swimming. If snorkeling please chat to the locals before venturing into the sea and do be very careful. You could also join Sunrise Diveers on one of their boats to go to a safer snorkeling destination around Maya Bay or Kao Racha Yai.
Hope this helps you, safe snorkeling.
There aren't any reefs around the island of Phuket. Best to take a ferry to Phi Phi Island or Coral island where there are protected coves and reefs for snorkeling.

Have fun,
The best place to go snorkelling is here at Phi Phi Island. We can always find a good snorkelling spot even from shore. On top of that you have less chance of rain and more sun in Phi Phi Island than surrounding areas; the bad weather flyes over these small Islands. I can help you out with travel help and accommodation if you are interested.
I run a dive center and a travel agent here at Phi Phi Island. Visa Diving Center:
It seems like Phi Phi Island is the place to go - but since there's a high chance of rain, do you suggest we don't book until a few days before, after checking the forecast?
Yes, it's definitely rainy reason with high waves and all the rest of it. Phi Phi, especially Phi Phi Lay is a good place to snorkel, even during the rainy season. However if you are able to change your travel plans, a really good place is Ko Tao (on the other side of the isthmus, belonging to the Ko Samui archipelago), because it lies on the leeward side of the monsoon winds) for snorkeling, diving and swimming.
Anyway have fun!
I stayed at Koh Racha. This a small island 20 KM below phuket. Excellent snorkel area in the bay. I really enjoyed it. There are also excursions going from Phuket to Koh Racha.

have fun!

Forget the South. Try Koh Chang/Trat Province once, and you'll always return. Much less expensive.
Have fun
Kata is better place if you want more quiet.
The snorkelling along the House Reefs in Kata is not available between May to October due to the rough conditions then (during the high season the snorkelling is great at these sites). Instead we go snorkelling on the daytrip boats to Koh Racha Yai, located 1 and 1/2 hours south of Phuket. Any of the many Dive Centers on Phuket would be able to help you.

Have a great holiday!
If u prefer snorkel in this season, I think you should go to diving course at some neighbor island, such as Kai island, Hae island (Coral island) or PP! in the morning, beacuse the monsoon and hard raining will normally come in afternoon and it s quite dangerous to diving in this season.

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