What is best location in Sri Lanka to see herds of wild Elephants ?


Country: Sri Lanka


Udawalawa , Habarana, Minneriya are some of places to see wild elephants.
That would be the Minneriya National Park. There one can see large herds of wild Elephants, specially during the Dry Season.
Udawalawe National Park , Yala , i would say wit personal experinces is the best
correct answer
Minneriya National park to be sure !
Should be the Minneriya National Park. Never seen so many elephants in one place before.
At the moment, the best place to see herds of wild elephants is at the Kaudulla National Park, located a few kilometres away from Habarana on the Trincomalee road.
_Possibly Minneriya and Uda walawe for sure. It all depends on the time of the year you intend visiting the parks
Wasgamuwa is one National park u can see large herds of elephants,But it is seasonal , Elephants are moving from one area to another depending on weather and rain fall , Minnariya National park is another place u can see large herds of elephants.These days Most of the Elephants have migrated to Wasgamuwa National park.
udawalauwa you don't miss it
It would be the Minneriya National Park.
Kaudulla is the best place and minneriya park also.
Udawalawe and Minneriya.
Udawalawe, Minneriya and yala
Well, it seems clear enough now ! this is seasonal. Even in Minneriya in the wet season, some of the Elephants move out to adjoining areas, and they come back during the dry season because there is enough water and food.
More wild elephants would be jotted at Yala, Habarana....
And for some notice that about Pinnawala too... to see much closer and safer, but not as a Safari tour..... ;)
N^ear to the AIRPORT Colombo is Habarana N^ear Sigiriya.There are two N^ational Parks.03 1/-2 Hrs Drive from the Air Port.

If not Yala N^ational Park.06 Hrs Drive.Other Animals too can be seen
Minneriya national park, Kaudulla national park, Wasgomuwa national park, Bundala national park and Wilpattu national park. Mostly these days u will see lots of elephants at Minneriya and Kaudulla. Also u can see them while travelling to east through Lahugala national park.
That would be the Minneriya National Park. There one can see large herds of wild Elephants, specially during the Dry can see big amount elephants like 300-400
Wasgomuwa national park
Wasgomuwa national park is the great~!
Wasgamuwa is the best...
Minneriya National Park and Udawalawe. I have personally seen many Elepahns at Udawalawe. If you are very keen on wild elephans check out the latest book of phtographs thats out "SriLankan Elephant- by vajira wijegunawardane" great photos check out the book on .

With 200 photographs, this book portrays the many facets of elephant behavior from their near-human display of emotions to their instinctual animal responses. It includes moments captured in spectacular lighting, among other things, of elephants sparring and fighting for supremacy, calves just being calves and rare tuskers in all their grandeur, as never seen before. Included here are photographs taken in Sri Lanka in locations ranging from the wildest outreaches of the dry zone forests and national parks to the many irrigation-reservoir reserves spread throughout the country; and many places very few people have ever been to.

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