Do you think the Dominican Republic is a cool place to go to for Spring Break?

Can you recommend any resorts?


Country: Dominican Republic


Absolutely! you should come to Bavaro, Punta Cana area... or maybe to Puerto Plata if you like surfing!

Resorts in Punta Cana : Moon Palace or Bahia Principe
Absolutely. dominican republic is the placewhere you want to stay!
conmsider small hotels to discover the local lifestyle!
Sure, the most fun will be in Cabarete, you can surf, hang in the beach and it has the most fun night life of the country. The other place is Bavaro which is also very fun, and extremly beautiful
Sure it is!!!! for spring brake craziness CABARETE with those beach pubs and clubs, full of world ranked windsurfers, and Kite surfers. During the day The sky is decorated with full colors kites that shares the view with the bikinis and magic waves.

Bavaro is also a great place. But CABARETE is the guy for Spring breakers
If you need good hotel suggestions or activities just let me know. I can quote you the best!!!, also surf classes and tours

of course you should come!! there's MANY cool places to go here. If you go to Punta Cana, you can to to Majestic!! it's a very beautiful resort to spend your vacations, good beach, also Samana is a nice place to go, but it's more relaxing.
Yes but I suggest you to book with some anticipation because the hotels will be full
any place in DR

yes indeed!!! there are many many places to choose from...
cabarete its a very nice place for a spring break. theres many things you could do while u are here on vacation.... so the dominican republic its ur ultimate place to come for an spring break!!! if u need further info, please contact me...hope u make up ur mind and come to this amazing island!
Resorts are swesome, no doubt. But if you want a hotter nightlife come to the core of it all, the city of Santo Domingo. It's not as tough to book a hotel here for Spring Break and you can look me up for tours day and/or night!
Majestic colonial and the brand new Majestic elegance is a good hotel but colonial is the best of the two of them is nice and is a all inclusive hotel is for family
Cabarete is the perfect place for a Spring Break... have everything.... Nightlife... extreme water sport (kite, windsurf, surfing)... and anything you can imaging.... all inclusive hotel in the area is Windham Tangerine, there are plenty cheap hotel to stay and luxury apartment a group can rent and have the best place in the area, let me know if you want any help....

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