Can you tell me what it would be like to live in Joao Pessoa? What about Manaus?

I will be moving to one of these two cities for a year (most likely) to do research and live... I'm in my mid-20s and I love to dance, spend time in nature (beaches, rivers, hiking) and reading/listening to music.... I want to live in a city with culture and history and nature,but also a place that is safe. I have been to Manaus and liked it, but was there so short of a time I got no sense of what it would be like to live there. JP sounds beautiful, but is it an interesting and dynamic place, too? Obrigada!!!


Country: Brazil


I'd much prefer Manaus. JP seems a bit of a bore. Neither can be considered truly "safe".
I would pay attention in a State called has the rain forest, it has incredible beaches, great savannah and wonderful canyons.
Maranhão's capital is São Luis, it is quite vibrant, funny with a lot of parties at night and some nice neighborhoods like Cohama, Ponta da Areia, Renascença and Calhau!
I have lots of friends there and if you want more information, feel free to write to me, my email is

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