How much do you give for a tip to a waiter in Italy?


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Dear Pieter,

The correct approach lies somewhere in between. In most cases, tipping isn't required, but there are times when small gratuities are appreciated. In restaurants, for example, a small tip is usually included in the bill, but many people round up the total by a euro or two. If you really liked the food and service, tip 5 to 10 percent extra. Taxi drivers don't expect tips, but it's nice to round up the fare to the next euro. Give a euro to the bellman if he carries your luggage. Restroom attendants typically get 50 cents to a euro.
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dear Pietr, follow Nancy's suggestions, they're perfectly right!! Enjoy your trip.
For my experience, Italians are not tippers and they don't expect tips when they're working. And if you are with Italians, you should never go American Stile on tips or they'll tell on you and make you take back the money. But, if you think of the worker perspective, tips are always welcome. So, don't go wild, but if someone gives you good service, you might as well show your apreciation.
italians don't "love" very much give tips.....but it depend on the situation....
remember somebody thinks that the "coperto" on the menù in italy is the tip for the waiter but it is actually what you pay for bread and dinner set.
so if you think the waiter deserves a tip give it to him...usually from 2,oo € to 10,oo €
Tips at restaurants are generally around 10% of the bill to be left cash on the table. Hotels staff also expect small tips from their guests. And remember than when we are abroad, in a way, we are all "ambassadors" of our Country ....
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There's no need of giving a tip, because in your bill you've already paid for the service.
Ciao Pieter,
Tipping in restaurants and cafes is quite common in Italy. There is no rule on how much the tip should be, in general it's around 10% of the bill. The better the service the higher the tip... quite easy!
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