Soy de INDIA Quiero trabajar como instructor de YOGA en mexico , alguien puede informar me donde puedo sacar este trabajo y como?


Country: Mexico


I live in Sayulita Mexico and there are many people that come here for Yoga. On there is all kinds of information about the town, yoga and other stuff. I encourage you to check it out. This is low season right now, but in November til May tourists will be flooding the town.
Here in Oaxaca there are opportunities to teach, but you should start with the Mexican Consulate in your city to learn about the visa and permissions required, if you want to teach "on the record." Some people give private lessons at their own studios, and advertize in English language media outlets (ie the Oaxaca Lending Library newsletter). That's the alternative to going through official channels. But you should first decide where you want to live. There's no point in teaching Yoga in Mexico unless you know you'll be living in a city or region that interests you.
Hola Te recomiendo buscar en es uno de los centros de entrenamiento mas grandes de mexico y tienen muchas sucursales y ahi ofrecen como parte de sus clases Yoga, en el sitio web puedes revisar la bolsa de trabajo.

En Mexico existen muchas escuelas de Yoga y varias tienen paginas en internet, una pocion es que contactes a traves de ellas, la otra es que te pongas en contacto con Casa Tibet en Mexico que tambien tiene pagina de internet
Hey!!!!!!!! pues le cuento que en Tijuana, Baja California es muy solicitado.. y le sugiero cheque el siguiente link donde encontrará información de gimnasios y spas...
En todo el país hay muchas escuelas y centros donde enseñan yoga, pero creo que es importante que primero definas en qué ciudad de México quieres trabajar (y vivir, por supuesto).
Con eso definido, es mejor que tú mismo hagas una búsqueda en internet y cheques los cientos deopciones que hay.
Por ejemplo, hacer un Google de "escuelas de yoga en méxico", verás que tienes muchas opciones para considerar.
Me parece que esta es una escuela grande y reconocida:

¡Saludos y buena suerte!
Tienes 2 opciones:
1).- solicitar a alguna empresa mexicana que te contrate como instructor de Yoga, con las diferentes cualidades que tu trabajo tiene.
2).- Puedes formar una empresa (sociedad) mexicana que enseñe yoga y que proporcione servicios profesionales de yoga.
Contactarme privadamente y puedo darte mayores detalles.
Hola , te paso el mail de una amiga, Julieta, da Reiki y quizas te pueda ayudar con lo que estas buscando, .
Saludos Pablo
También puedes contactar al OSHO Center de México y si no es con ellos, probablemente te puedan orientar:
Working legally in México is sometimes difficult for foreigners because of the government requirements. If you are planning to come just for the experience of living in this beautiful country and making some money while living here, I am leaving you some recommendations.
1) Choose a medium size city. By choosing a city that is not too small and not to big you will be able to move around easily specially if you don´t have a car and don´t want to deal with lots of transportation. Examples of medium size cities in Mexico are: Cuernavaca, Guanajuato, Queretaro, Morelia, Zacatecas, Tampico, Xalapa, among others.
2) It would be nice to live in a place that can offer you something in return. Some cities are close to the beach, others have lost of ruins and cultural places to visit, and others are very cosmopolitan and have lots of festivals and things to do in the city. I personally prefer cities within the cost areas because people tend to be friendlier in hot climates and I like to go to the beach. That way I don´t have to move long distances to get there.
3) It´s important to know a bit about the economical situation of the cities you are interested in. Even though the economy is suffering, some cities are in better conditions to offer you work positions as a teacher or instructor of yoga.
I live in Xalapa and it´s a beautiful city in the state of Veracruz near the gulf of Mexico. Even though the economy here is not as good as in other cities, it is a beautiful place with nice weather and there are not many yoga instructors in here. As a matter of fact it is relatively new for people here to take yoga classes or attend to gyms that offer yoga. You should consider the cities I mentioned before and of course Xalapa could be an option as well.

Once you choose a city to live in all you have to do is post information, let people know, apply for jobs in gyms etc. etc.
I hope this is somehow useful.

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