how to get a local map in english? (tokyo or kunitachi)


City: Kunitachi

Prefecture: Tokyo

Country: Japan


Tokyo is actually like a prefecture and there are many independent cities and wards within the prefecture. It is easy to get an English map for the central part of Tokyo, but the outlying (western cities) of Tokyo tend not to have English maps. I live in the city next to Kunitachi, and will check to see if they have an English map. Please contact me at for more information.
If you are in Japan, most hotel shops have maps of metro Tokyo in English, your local JTB office (Japan Travel Bureau) will also have a map in English.
Are you in Japan now? Sometimes you can visit the ward office in Kunitachi, then you can get English map.
has published a bilingual atlas named
TOKYO City Atlas A Bilingual Guide 3rd Ed. ¥2100 (may be 4th Ed available now)which you can buy in major book stores, it has detailed description both Eng and Jap of central tokyo with detailed train lines, even you can locate address almost accurately, its handy. Try it.
Hello, when you arrive eg. Narita go to INFO tourist box before you leave the airport. Please tell them which is your preferable language (En, Fr, Sp etc), they will give you (for free) many maps or brochures. I suggest to ask for these: "Small guide of Japan" (nice text introdution), "Tourist map of Japan" (general Japan map 75x45 cm), "Youth Hostels map of Japan" (similar to the previous one but showing mountains), "Tokyo handy map. Yes Tokyo" (Tokyo detailed map size 90x45 cm. Cover is orange color. On one side there is the detailed Tokyo province and the other is the detailed Tokyo center. It also have train map. This map is very useful and have some detachable discount coupons for mayor attractions the latest is valid till 3.31.2010. I used this map for long time as it is enough for all Tokyo region (I pass Kunitachi many time since I live more far from center). When you are in Tokyo center you can ask this orange map at JR (Japanis Rail) information box only in the main stations like Tokyo, Shinjuku, Shinagawa etc. and official tourist offices. Please visit- If you go in other cities please first go to the airport or main tourist office and they will provide a lot of free maps and information.
Here is one website I use:

It is interactive and you can print out any of the major wards you would like to visit.
Try this site...

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