Can someone tell me about a good hotel in Lima?


Country: Peru


All depends wich area of lima you like to stay, I usually go to one in miraflores near downtown miraflores near the sea for 17 dllrs a night Hostal Pacific - Av. del Ejército 1241, Miraflores - Telf. 2222744 for a double bed with cable tv, hot water, clean, room service.
In Lima there are many good hotels and hostals Do You have in mind how much to spend per night it's Single or DWB ? We can recomend Yu some ones incl free pick up from Lima Airport
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Mont Blanc Gran Hotel
There are countless places to stay in Lima, it all depends on your budget, interests, preferences etc, etc...
For some information on our most recommended places, please see:
Depending your budget. Good 3 star for 100 dollars or more and cheapers too.
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It depends how much money you want to pay. You can stay in marriot hotal and also in a small room with no facilities.

Casa Andina is a good mid-range hotel. A local chain with locations in Miraflores and elsewhere in the country. Prices between $200 and $250 for a double.
Depending on your budget and needs, available offer is varied in Lima. If you're looking for something quieter than a hotel, I know the right place in a nice neighbourhood in Miraflores area.
Lima is big , which part of Lima are you going to stay?, normally turist people stay near Miraflores, Barranco or San Isidro, also dependes on your badget, because you can stay MARRIOT'S which is in Miraflores with an asewome view to the sea, or at a backpacker you have to tell us how long your staying too...therefore your decision about the hotels...But could be MARRIOT'S, DOUBLE TREE BY HILTON, CROWN PLAZA, LOS DELFINES HOTEL, LAS AMERICAS..ETC

The best hotel is Mirafloes Park Hotel and Marriot.
The Sheraton is another obtion but is more in downtown that in Miraflores , Barranco o the sea.
Hello, I can recomend differets hotels in miraflores, I work with different hotels and I have special rates. Yo can Contact to e at : My name is Lesly.
Hello, I can recomend differets hotels in miraflores, I work with different hotels and I have special rates. Yo can Contact to e at : My name is Lesly.
At you can see some hotels from $50
How many starts?

$ 60 to $ 120
Hi well if you want 3 star hotels i would recomend you Casa Andina, Mariel, Leon de Oro and Habitat, these are in miraflores town too and they have very good service.
Good luck
Here is a good option, I hope to help you:
Depends what you are looking for, here some options 5 star Miraflores park, Marriot they have good location, 4 star double tree, three star el ducado all of them are located in miraflores,

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jose Antonio
other options is casandina , if you need more info. please contact us to


Jose Antonio
There are more than a thousand options - best surf on the internet and search for what you like - However if you look for things to do while being in Lima there is not a lot apart of city tours nd museums - if you like nature I recommend a day trip for scuba diving, whale watching, birding or sea kayaking near Lima with
There´s`plenty of good hotels in lima,speacially in miraflores for $40 to $80 range price.
if you would like an airport transfer take this company
they can show you many good hotels in the miraflores area and their drivers speak english.
julissa torres
julisa torres
Yes of course we as a travel agency works always with Casa Nostra hostel US$45 per night at double room in Miraflores

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