Would really like to visit Seaford while I'm in Jamaica does anyone have any familly or links in that area? Would like to visit and... to the locals.


Country: Jamaica


Seafort, St. Thomas, Jamaica. Near to kingston (2 hours by car) Farming community. Quiet and friendly people. Have friends there.

Seafort, Westmoreland. German descendents are present. Farming community. Popular tourist attraction.Have connections there.
When are you proposing to go, how many people will be travelling with you, and will you be spending the entire day or just a few hours?
I have family in seaford twn St thomas will be happy to link you up when you come
I was born in Seaford Town. I also have contacts and some relatives there. Seaford Town, settled by imported germans in 1834 under Lord Seaford of near by Montpelier pre-emptive move by the British fearing widespread choas and mass exodus as a result of emancipation remains the only town to be deliberately established by the government. It host a museum dedicated to its german heritage and a few residents still have blonde hair, blue eyes and almost white skins. If you wish for me to take you there, please contact me at or 8763611692.
Seaford is a small community in the parish of St. Thomas. It is close to Kingston or Port Antonio which mainly cater to visitors to the island. If you are planning on staying in a resort and have family there, contact them and they will arrange for you to spend time with the locals. If not, you can arrange with a taxi to take you there. The best time for this will be during the time when schools are still in season. Let me know know more about your travel plans and then I will be able to better make recommendations.
I do not have any contacts there but I am familiar with the area and I would suggest you travel with someone who does know the area.

I stay over in portmoor but thats coz i have family there, i dont really walk out on my own and only drive to the local mall and back. I suggest you link with someone before you go and if you only want a day visit get someone from where your staying to sort it out. Your always find someone who knows someone. Its just not the safest part of Kingston but other than that stay aware, as you must in any major city and very importantly, ENJOY your in Jamaica
Seafort,is truely Farming community in St. Thomas, Jamaica. Near to kingston. We can do some ground scouting and preparations for you.
There is a misconception that needs to be cleared.

Seaforth of St. Thomas is different from Seaford Town of Westmoreland.

Seaford Town has been a rich part of Jamaica's Heritage, spanning from the abolition of slavery and the settling of Germans in the 1830's spanning to modern day preservation of Jamaican History.

A trip like that can run US$50 one way.

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